Mixed 8-12-14-16mm/8-10-12-14mm/10-12-14-16mm/14-15-16mm Wide Stem Individual False Eyelashes Soft Lightweight Natural Long Volume Eyelashes Extensions Makeup Cluster Lashes (mixed 10-12-14-16mm) - REVIEW

  • These give a much more full look than the ones I got with my falscara kit which I definitely love for going out but I’ve ruined probably 10 of them just trying to get them off the adhesive lines used to keep them in the case. They rip when I’m tryin to pick them up. I probably won’t buy them again since I don’t go out much and they’re too easy to ruin.
  • The media could not be loaded. I’ve never been great at using strip lashes but these are a game changer! So easy to apply. They’re light weight. & they come with different sizes so you can shape you lash how you like. I used 8mm in the center of my eye and then increase in size as I worked my way out. I definitely recommend these!
  • I have recommended these to so many people, because they see mine and ask what I use. These are great. Obviously glue matters, so it can be dependent on that as well how well they hold up, but these have a great variety to get the look I’m trying to achieve which is an everyday put together with minimal effort look. Mine last about a week and I am super satisfied with them. Literally have probably contributed to many purchases of these!
  • The only thing I don’t like is that these have to be delivered by FedEx, so the port FedEx driver just whirls them out the window-these should be sent via regular mail. The lashes themselves are great!
  • These were super easy to use, and looked so good once they were on. Use them with the kiss falscara and they lasted a week.
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  • 🎈Wholesale,Can be customized. Need to buy the false eyelashes in bulk,please contact us.Thank you.Our company specializes in producing false eyelashes, we have our own eyelash brand, our false eyelash materials are handmade,quality can be guaranteed!
  • 🎈Our lashes are closest to nature eyelashes,very soft and light,comfortable to wear. Easy to apply and remove ,they can be removed by eye makeup remover. Easy to pick it off from the boxes,no spilt,
  • 🎈They are made of high quality fiber,very close to mink hair.perfect for professional, makeup salon, cosmetic school, makeup artist and personal home use, etc
  • 🎈Mixed 10-12-14-16mm,10mm-2rows,12mm-2rows,14mm-4rows,16mm-4rows.,14-15-16mm,14mm-3rows,15mm-3rows,16mm-6rows.Mixed 8-12-14-16mm,8mm-2rows,12mm-2rows,14mm-4rows,16mm-4rows..Mixed 8-10-12-14mm,8mm-2rows,10mm-2rows,12mm-4rows,14mm-4rows.
  • 🎈Easy to apply: step1,if you try to pinch the clusters off the strips ,Please use the tweezers to pick up the cluster lashes from the bottom instead of tips. step 2,apply the cluster lashes glue and wait about 30 seconds, step 3 apply the lashes on your upper or lower natural eyelashes. Do not touch your eyelid!
  • 🎈Product After-sales Service:If you don't satisfied with our product,please contract us,we will solve it for you immediately!Hope you enjoy our DIY lash extensions!
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