Lash Mannequin Head, CALAILIS Mannequin Head, Eyelash Extension Mannequin Head, Doll Head for Lash Extensions, Eyelash Mannequin Head with 4 Pairs Removable Eyelids (Skin Colour) - REVIEW

  • I just wish the lashes were able to come off when your finish practicing a set but instead you have to chnage the entire eye so make sure you buy eyes and not strip lashes
  • The media could not be loaded. I bought this to start practicing lashing and its worked amazing for me it’s still holding up great
  • I have tried many mannequins and this one is my favorite so far. The lashes are pretty far apart from one another but they are more comparable to real lashes than other mannequins I have tried.
  • This product is amazing for beginners, i am already a lash tech and I bought this for my students . They love it
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  • Premium and Druable Material: The lash mannequin head and 4 pairs of replaced eyelids are made with soft silicone rubber. Feel like human skin. Practice lash head is elastic but not easily deformed. Soft and smooth.
  • 4 Pairs Replaced Eyelids: These eyelids are detachable. The replaced eyelids look like real lashes. Simulate a more realistic practice scene for you.
  • Easy to Clean: After using the lash training head, if there is cosmetics on the mannequin head, it can be removed with a makeup remover. Wash with clean water after each use. Every use is like new and can be reused.
  • Practicing perfect makeup: Did you fail to do eyelash extensions because of unskilled techniques? Do you want to be a professional artist without wasting eyelashes? Our exercise head can be used repeatedly, it can help you increase the number of exercises.
  • Multifunctional Use: You can not only practice eyelash extensions on the eyelash mannequin head, but also perform makeup exercises, teaching training, and massage.
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