HEROINE MAKE by KISSME Curl Keep Mascara Base 01 Blue Gray, Made in Japan - REVIEW

  • i was surprised that it kept my extremely straight lashes up and can be removed super easily which i love
  • Miracle worker. Made my curl hold up better. I’ve been wearing it for 12+ hours and still is going strong .
  • I tried the Lancôme primer one one eye and this one in the other.Lancôme’s brand primer lowered my lashes after using a eyelash curler.Kiss me kept the lashes up.I also like that it’s a dark blue color.This provides length but not much volume.That’s fine because I use a volumizing mascara on top.This is a new holy grail for me.
  • Great for length. First curl lashes as usual. Use this as a base on tips of lashes to lengthen, then add mascara. I also love how this base is a dark color...some bases are white which means you could have little white specs on your lashes if you don't cover every tiny bit of it with your dark mascara. The base is a dark blue, almost black.
  • With this my eyelashes stay up all day and I can see the difference. It is difficult to take off but I use an oil cleanser and the primer and mascara comes off. I bought my mom one too and we both love it!
  • I used to use a Shiseido mascara base before it was discontinued years ago. Since then I haven't found a primer that I like. This really doesn't weigh your lashes down which is amazing!
  • After having used the Heroine mascara by itself for a while (with the Shiseido curler), applying this beforehand does seem to hold the curl better. The consistency seems slightly thicker than I’d like it to be but the mascara adheres well to it. One thing I am disappointed about is that this combo still left me with a bit of an under eye smudge towards mid-afternoon. Overall, however, the best curl holder, enhancer and volumizer duo I’ve used so far.
  • I’ve never been a fan of mascara since i have such short lashes and it doesn’t even look good! This product is a game changer!
  • Where has this been all my adult life?Unlike waterproof mascaras, this product is easy to remove with waterproof mascara remover. It is lightweight and really holds the curl on my Asian lashes. My second coat of regular mascara glides on smoothly! Love the curved brush as well! Thank you for this wonderful product!
  • I’m already depressing myself by imagining its hypothetical discontinuation. If you have flat lashes that refuse to hold a curl, this is for you. The blue tint is dark enough that you can wear it on it’s own, or apply another mascara on top of it (and have that mascaraactually do what it’s supposed to do! A miracle I tell you!).A friend to all whose lashes refuse to lift.
  • This mascara helps my eyelashes stay curled but it can be quite a struggle to remove. Also all the words on the packaging are in foreign language not English which was quite inconvenient for me. Since i can’t read and understand the instructions, i don’t even know if i am using it right. I just followed the reviews i saw here.
  • This is a blue mascara but when apply you can’t see it!! Love this brand! 🫶🏻
  • I like this product to use under my mascara because it really does help keep the curl. My eyelashes are STRAIGHT!I curl them, apply this product then apply mascara.
  • This works really well to extend your lashes & separate them before putting on mascara. Use sparingly though (1-2 swipes), as it can almost pass of for mascara itself it too much is applied.
  • I use this with the kiss me black mascara, and I think coz this primer has fiber in it, it holds my lashes all day, gives the mascara extra staying power- turns lashes into a rubber texture and doesn’t matter how much you rub your lashes, it wouldn’t smudge (but it could come off in a coagulated bit). I loveeeeee this stuff!! I take it off with an oil cleaner, takes a little rubbing for everything to come off but it’s worth it.
  • Absolutely love this primer, it looks so natural and keeps my very stubborn straight lashes curled alllll day. I love how lightweight the formula is because it doesn’t sit heavy on my lashes and cause them to uncurl. Not sure what’s up with all the bad reviews, I will legit buy this the rest of my life. I used to get lash extensions, which destroyed them, so I went on a journey to get my natural lashes long and full. After a year of consistency with a lash serum and this product now my friends always ask if my lashes are real or strip! Sometimes I’ll wear it on it’s own bc i like the blue effect. Also ignore the amazon name, i use my dads account haha
  • I love my heroine mascara because is one of the few that won’t smudge after a couple of hours.HOWEVER,this primer is not at the same level of the mascara I love.I thought by using the same primer brand as my fave mascara was going to step up the love for the brand 🥺😭😞.At the end of the day my mascara is smudging.
  • It was fine. A good trend right? I was never told that this causes cancer. No where on anything it said it causes cancer until I received the package. Don’t waste your time. I would rather choose another mascara then get cancer. How about you?
  • Love that it keeps my straight lashes up- don’t love how long it takes to come off. But, worth it if you have straight lashes that you want to keep up all day.
  • this definitely makes my lashes longer and adds more volume when i apply it with my mascara, plus it holds my eyelashes’ curl all day long.my advice (esp if you have asian eyelashes) is to use maybelline colossal volume express waterproof mascara with this primer! no other mascara makes my lashes as long and curled as that one (yes ive tried the kissme heroine mascara) and ive accidentally worn this combo for like 3 days and my lashes stayed curled👍
  • I know this is supposed to be just a mascara base/primer, but it can definitely act as a regular mascara since it’s tinted/colored. It’s the first mascara that actually lengthened & volumnized my stubborn, straight lashes. I would definitely recommend.
  • It holds everything on place. I use it as a base for different colors of mascara, and I use it on its own, it holds the curl all day and is easy to remove. I have tried multiple Heroine mascaras, and so far this one is my favorite. Totally recommend.
  • This is a great complement to the other Kissme mascaras. Does a good job holding the curl and adds both volume and length. I have really straight eyelashes so I still have to curl them first.Highly recommend.
  • Hold curl forever. Can be hard to remove with just water but I use regular drug store waterproof makeup remover and it’s wiped off easily.
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  • SUPERB LASTING CURLS: Contains ‘Moment Lock’ ingredient and Shape-Memory Polymer to keep the upward curl for a whole day
  • LENGTHENING FIBER FOR INSTANT CHANGE: 4 kinds of fibers are contained for lengthening and volumizing lashes
  • EASY TO REMOVE: It can be washed off with facial soap after soaking with warm water
  • CONTAINS EYELASH ESSENCE: Contains 6 kinds of essence: Camellia Oil, Royal Jelly Extract, Argan Oil, Wild Rose Oil, Panthenol, Ginseng Root Extract (eyelash protection ingredient)
  • HOW TO USE: 1. Before using mascara, curl your lashes and coat mascara base from the roots to tips of lashes. 2. When applying your mascara, wait until the base is dry before layering to prevent clumps and ensure a beautiful finish, then apply your mascara on lashes. * If the mascara brush doesn't grab solution, lightly stir inside of the bottle.
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