MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit - Classy Bundle - Natural Looking False Eyelashes - Set of Classy Lashes + Magnetic Eyeliner + Eyeliner Remover Swabs - USA Owned - No Glue - REVIEW

  • For someone who has struggled with traditional glue on lashes this was a game changer!
  • These are the best and easiest false eyelashes I have ever used. If you can apply liquid eyeliner, you can use these eyelashes. I love that they are glue free.
  • My daughter wears these for dance comps. The magnetic liner was junk, I used a different magnetic liner from an old pair. They are comfortable for my daughter to wear and the cleaning swabs are amazing. They condition the lashes without them getting clumped together.
  • It's easy to put on the fake lashes and they stick well make sure that you have plenty of liner on but eyeliner is very difficult to get off when you remove the lashes the liner is very difficult so plan on using what they have and a very good makeup remover because you can get an eye infection if you don't get it off your lids if it's not clean properly
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  • CUTE & COMFORTABLE – Pump up your natural lashes in this comfortable set. Our lightweight lashes add volume and fullness without overwhelming your look—a top pick for smaller eyes, everyday wear or if you just want to let your eyeshadow be the star of the show.
  • FAST & EASY APPLICATION – Avoid the glue, mess and gross adhesives that come with traditional fake eyelashes. Simply swipe the magnetic eyeliner along your lash line allowing it dry for up to three minutes. Then hug your Classy lashes to the liner and lock it into place for a secure, long-lasting hold for all-day use.
  • UP TO 30 WEARS – With proper application and storage, your 5 magnet Classy lashes can be worn every day for a month or up to 30 days of use.
  • LASH DETAILS – The Classy Lash features natural volume and is ideally made for those with monolid eye shapes. LASH LENGTH: 6-10mm, LASH WIDTH: 26mm, BAND LENGTH: 28.18mm
  • MESS FREE & SAFE – Unlike other false lashes, our proprietary system eliminates the need for glue, which can irritate eyes and damage natural eyelashes. Made to be long-lasting, smudge-resistant, waterproof, and quick-drying, the mini liquid magnetic eyeliner is safe and simple enough for daily use. Get 10-20 uses per container.
  • INCLUDED – Pair of Classy lashes in a sleek magnetic carrying case, mini liquid magnetic eyeliner, pre-moistened eyeliner remover swabs and instruction card.
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