Hollywood Fashion Secrets No-Show Concealers - REVIEW

  • On the product packaging it says not sticky over nipple but it is. I do like this product however because it is very thin so it doesn’t show a bump in clothing and it is the perfect color for my skin and it does not shine so you cannot see it thru clothing. Good price as well. I’ve only worn them once so I haven’t tested the multiple use function.
  • These don't completely erase the appearance of nipples but they definitely reduce the high beams to low beams. This particular design is the easiest to apply without wrinkling, and I like how breathable the material is too. It doesn't hold little puddles of sweat the way silicone concealers do.
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  • Petal-Shaped Nipple Concealer: The ultimate wardrobe game-changer! These petal-shaped no-show disposable nipple concealers with a soft, non-stick center create an ultra-smooth appearance on any top or dress. Hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin!
  • Fearless Braless Fashion: These petal-shaped pasties are made with soft silicone to hide what you don't want to reveal, and it has a soft center that creates a smooth appearance! Perfect under t-shirts, sheer tops, and swimwear, even under dresses with on-trend cut-outs or off-the-shoulder looks.
  • Hypoallergenic Reusable Nipple Cover: Features reusable hypoallergenic silicone pasties coverups that are gentle and safe even for the most sensitive skin! These won’t leave any imprints or red marks on your skin after use.
  • Comfortably Soft & Lightweight: Say goodbye to uncomfortable brassieres and annoying visible straps! This soft, smooth concealer is waterproof, lightweight, and stays on longer with the perfect fit for a perfect, comfortable braless look!. Just peel, stick and go! Be covered up all day!
  • On-The-Go Bra Alternative: The perfect companion to your swimwear, beach outfits, or anytime you need to “de-perkify”. Comes with a handy travel pack put in a purse or bag, so it's easy to go forth with confidence anytime, anywhere!
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