MERZY The First Slim Gel Eyeliner, Ultra-Slim Pencil, Creamy texture, K-beauty GS3. BRONZE OPAL (0.03Fl Oz, 0.05g) - REVIEW

  • This is unlike most eyeliners I have ever used.It's definitely got some serious staying power as being a gel.It can look a little harsh if you don't blend properly but I love the thinness of the line!This allows you to make it as thick as you want by repeating over it or leaving it that thin.It does smudge a little bit as I said before, you want to somewhat blend this or it looks really harsh and cartoonish.Depending on your eye shape and skin type, you may need to dust with a setting powder after using or use a primer underneath, but I found that this really stuck around even with pool time.I didn't have any allergic reactions to using this product.
  • For the price it's a very good quality gel eyeliner. Most gel eyeliners don't have good staying power and they wash off easily, however this one exceeded my initial expectations. It's not my main eyeliner for formal events but it's a good backup.
  • There's not much more to say than I what I wrote in the headline, I can't really comment on the color since it's your basic black eyeliner, but it wears well and goes on smoothly and it does smudge a bit, but I prefer my eyeliners to be able to smudge a bit, at least when I first put them on since I use the pinky finger trick to smudge the liner on the outer corners of my eyes. It doesn't smudge enough to make a mess though.
  • This eyeliner is super fine and great for tightening the lash line.It does smudge and transfer a bit so I need to set it with a bit of powder shadow.
  • I needed some eyeliner so decided to get this and the color works well with my eye color and goes on smooth although sometimes I notice it doesn't go on my eyes sometimes and have to push harder, but maybe due to my moisturizer cause I have really dry skin and have to put moisturizer on a couple times a day so that may be what causes that but it's a really nice brown color!
  • This eyeliner goes on very nicely and has a great color tone overall. I don't think it lasts as long as liquid eyeliner but it does a way better job than most other gels. The price point is average and I would buy this one again.
  • Easy to doodle or apply small details or to layer and thicken up! Also smooth and lasted for the full 7 hours I wore it with little to no natural smudging. They only smudged when I forgot I had makeup on and rubbed my eye.
  • Will never use non gel eye liner ever again! love this stuff and is my new go to. does smear or smudge and looks great.
  • It offers thin precise lining without a heavy and overly done look. I like that it glides smoothly without tugging and looks more natural than thicker liners. It is perfect for my "natural" yet finished look. I will be reordering this product!
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  • [CREAM TEXTURE] The 0.05" microfiber pencil thickness and creamy texture help create soft eye lines.
  • [💦 WATERPROOF FORMULA] The waterproof and smudge-resistant formula keeps your eyes looking smooth all day, and can be easily removed with a cleanser at the end of the day.ay.
  • [◾ 1.5MM ULTRA-SLIM PENCIL] With a 0.05" ultra-slim pencil, anyone from beginners to professionals can easily complete perfect eye lines.
  • This sleek eyeliner applies easily and creates the perfect eye line. There is no smearing or pulling.
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