Eyelashes Natural Look Short Wispy False Lashes 3D Natural Crisscross Faux Mink Lashes with Clear Bands 7 Pairs by Yawamica - REVIEW

  • I literally never wear fake lashes. I want to, but every time I’ve tried it takes me like 30 minutes to position and put on (not even an exaggeration, this is why i don’t wear them i don’t have the time lol) Then, they’re HUGE! I know a lot of people love the giant false eyelash look but I feel like a clown in it. I’ve been searching for NATURAL lashes forever but even the “natural” falsies don’t look natural. THESE LOOK NATURAL!!!! And on top of that, I don’t know if it’s because they’re so light or what but I was able to put both on, on the first try, in literally a minute. Highly recommend and these are my new go to lashes!
  • I bought the 9 mm lash. I used to do lash extensions but they ruined my natural lashes. I wanted something that didn’t look like I am wearing falsies. These are definitely natural looking. I only wish the band was slightly longer. It doesn’t fit to the end of my lash line.
  • The band is light colored, so if your wear black liner on top, these lashes don’t look right. Probably great for a no liner look.
  • I'm not a fan of lashes (PITA for me to put on) but these are just too nice to pass up. My guy also isn't normally a fan of false lashes but we agreed that these are lovely and although they look natural, they definitely enhance. I used Kiss lash liner glue. I will definitely buy these again. Told my baby sister; she's getting some for herself.
  • I got the Short Wispy False Lashes 3D Natural Crisscross Faux Mink Lashes. These are great for a more natural looking enhancement to your own lashes. The strip is thin and comfortable. People that don’t want dramatic lashes will love these. I definitely recommend giving these a try if you opt for a subtle enhancement.
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  • Light Volume, Short Length: Totally lightweight, easy on the lids. 9mm length and light volume lashes are perfect to finish off with any eyeliner without feeling heavy. The shortness of the fibers won’t interfere with their softness and is never stiff and fake-looking.
  • Wide, Rounded Lash Style: The strip lashes are designed with longer fibers in the center and shorter ones on the inner and outer corners, perfect for who emphasize the natural shape of your small eyes. Creates a more youthful and playful look.
  • Soft Clear Lash Band: Natural lashes are crafted with a clear, transparent lash band that is soft, flexible and lightweight, providing you with more comfortable wear. Especially when you're going for a casual daytime look with no colors or eyeliners at all.
  • Cruelty-free Vegan Lashes: Yawamica lashes are all handmade with high quality, fine and soft silk fibers, ensuring lashes are natural, lightweight and cruelty-free, so lashes will never stiff and fake-looking. This will be your new go-to lashes.
  • Attentive Service: It’s Yawamica’s oblige to solve your problems. Please rest assure to try them. All refund, exchange and return are free. We also welcome you to come up with your unique ideas about eyelashes. Please free to contact with us.
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