SWINGINGHAIR Lash Clusters Individual Lashes 156 Pcs Cluster Lashes D Curl 9-14mm Eyelash Clusters Reusable Soft & Comfortable Cluster Eyelash Extensions (MixAB-156) - REVIEW

  • Surprised by how soft and light weight these lashes are. Very easy to apply. Enjoy having the subtle length option also, most varieties always have 16mm and those are too long for everyday wear, for me.
  • i don’t have any pictures with these on but they are so freaking cute not too long either and sooo comfortable they are a tiny bit plasticy but whatevermy mapping would be 10/12/12/14
  • I feel like when applied (off the lash line) i would still get poked and they aren’t very soft. BUT I’m getting better at apply. Just wish it wasn’t so pokey.
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  • 【More Lash Clusters & Length Diversity】We provide 60-156 Pcs in one tray, the length from 8 to16mm, D curl. Individual lashes take less time to complete one eye compare with normal false lashes. Try this cluster lashes on, lower price, and more cluster lashes & more styles to choose. Want to get a full eyelash clusters set for a new look right now? SWINGINGHAIR cluster eyelash extensions can meet your need.
  • 【DIY Different Style at Home】Want to graft your lashes but bothered by distance and time? Get our lash clusters. Our individual lashes are very newbie friendly. Cluster lashes are more flexible in combination and easier to put on and remove than normal false lashes. You can apply eyelash clusters in ascending order which gives a cat-eye effect-or staggered length to make doll-eye effect. Save money and time. You will become a master of DIY lash extensions with a little practice!
  • 【High Quality Lash Clusters】These matte individual lashes are made of High-quality silk fiber, which is soft, lightweight, and can maintain excellent curvature for a long time. These cluster lashes can naturally match your own lashes. Meanwhile, the bond of our eyelash clusters are heat-bonded which means it’s not easily fall apart. The cluster eyelash extensions can be reused many times with proper care.
  • 【How to Use the Lash Clusters】Gently take lashes off the strip by grab individual lashes at the root, and place them under your own eyelashes rather than above. Repeat the steps above to get the cluster lashes you like.
  • 【After-Sales Customer Service】(Release on December 1, 2022) Please contact us with any questions you may have. We are a professional lash clusters manufacturer and committed to providing each customer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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