Cluster Lashes 72 Individual Lashes Clusters Eyelash Extensions False Eyelashes DIY Wispy Fluffy Lash Extension Kit Reusable False Eyelashes Natural Look Mix 10-16mm C D Curl-DM01 - REVIEW

  • I switched to these lashes and have not been disappointed. They are softer than other brands and over all look better in my opinion.
  • These lashes are okay for a quick do it yourself set of lashes. A tiny set of directions and a small pair of tweezers are included on the box. The tweezers are good for a travel set. The package is also small and easy to pack for travel. The clusters are firmly adhered to the packaging adhesive but not too difficult to remove with the included pair of tweezers. They are sturdy enough to not fall apart when removing them from the package. The curl of each cluster is consistent and tighter than some. The direction of the lashes are consistent and create a good thick lash appearance after application. They could possibly be too thick for some. Compared to some other lash clusters available, these have a medium to longer clusters length which can make it a little quicker and easier to apply. The base strip, holding the lash cluster together, is a little thick. If not applied correctly, this can be irritating. The variety of lash lengths are nice for varied tastes or tapering down towards the outer edge of your eye lid. If you take your time, these DIY cluster lashes can be a decent looking set.
  • The DIY aspect is a real game-changer. As a beauty enthusiast, being able to apply my own eyelash extensions saves me time and money, while giving me the freedom to experiment with different styles and looks. It's surprisingly easy to use, even for a first-timer like me.The wispy effect is stunning. These cluster lashes add just the right amount of volume and length, resulting in a fluttery and natural look. They blend seamlessly with my natural lashes, enhancing my eyes without looking overdone.The quality of these eyelash extensions is impressive. The lashes are soft and lightweight, ensuring they feel comfortable throughout the day. They hold up well and stay in place, even during more active moments.
  • This Cluster Lashes Eyelash Extension Kit works great! Easy to use! Has everything you need! Looks amazing on! Love the different sizing options!
  • They are lightweight, full and not over dramatic. Nothing but good things to say about these lashes! Had these on for about a week and they still look great!!! Will definitely buy again and HIGHLY recommend 🥰
  • I absolutely love how soft and comfortable these lashes are!! I use my falscara adhesive and tweezers & used lash map 16, 15, 14, 14, 12 and im obsessed!!! Definitely re-purchasing!!
  • For the price you pay you get a much of clusters, two glues and tweezers. It’s a whole kit! I’ve tried about every lash clusters (diy lash extensions) types out there. These give a subtle, slightly wispy natural look. I’m always going for that type of look. The glue seems strong, I did wait 15 seconds for it to get gas my before applying. At first I tried to put 10,12,14,14 and for my eye shape it looked unnatural. So I’m the pictures I did the lash map 10,10,12,12 and it looks great. I do have smaller eyes and I find that larger cluster lashes can sometimes be uncomfortable or hard to make it look seamless. But since these are so thin in the band I was able to stack slightly without them bothering my eyes. So ya, I’d say if your on the fence about these….just get them.
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  • 🌼Ultra-Thin Lashes Band to NEW TRY: The lashes of this individual lashes use melting technology to make them flatter and more natural to blend with your own lashes more fully. Unlike the previous strip lashes, since everyone's eye contour is slightly different, individual lashes may be more suitable for your own situation, and you can use this DIY lash extension kit, creating more style possibilities - cat eye effect, etc.
  • 🌼Reusable Individual Lashes: It is our aim to give you long-lasting and natural looking false eyelashes. Made from high quality and safe materials, our false eyelashes can be reused 3-6 times if cleaned carefully after use.
  • 🌼What Will You Get: Curling degree: C D curl; Eyelashes length: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm,16mm; Every 4-5 clusters can complete one eye makeup. All lashes are made from synthetic fibers, soft and lightweight, plastic-free and cruelty-free.
  • 🌼Easy To Use For DIY: An easy challenge! First, choose 5-6 clusters of individual lashes according to your own eye shape. Then, take off the false eyelashes by hand and apply 2-3 layers evenly to the lash stems with eyelash glue. Wait 30 seconds until the glue is sticky or clear. Finally, wear the lashes to the lower or upper part of your own lashes. So you can finish your work!
  • 🌼Easy To Remove: As the brands of eye lashes are so thin, please remove them gently to avoid breaking them. Apply your favourite make-up remover to your eyes and wait 1-2 min. These false eyelashes can be used several times but need to be cleaned carefully after each use and stored properly. If there are any problems with the product, please contact us and we will do our best to solve them for you.
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