20 Sheets Glow in the Dark Party Tattoos, Neon Parties Style for Adults and Kids, UV Blacklight Temporary Tattoos for Rave Accessories, Fit for Music and Arts Festival, Glow Pool Party, and Makeup Supplies Party Favors - REVIEW

  • These temporary tattoos easy to apply and last for a really long time. The one I had on my hand stayed nice looking until I purposely removed it after 3 days.The blue parts glow much better than the pink parts of the images but they both do well while under a blacklight.If you get for a fun little party favor there are quite a few for everyone to have one.
  • These tattoos go on the same way as other temporary tattoos.There are quite a few sheets and they include a lot of fun images and colors.My kids took them to a black light party they were invited to and the tattoos glowed really brightly.The other kids at the party asked where the tattoos came from and my kids ended up putting tattoos on everyone else.They were a big hit!
  • These are cute kids tattoos! They are a bit bigger than I expected, but still fairly small! They're colorful and come on little sheets that are approximately 3" by 5" with different designs. They have a nice neon color to them. They're pretty much as pictured with a very cartoon-y look. There's application instructions on the back and they're easy to apply or scrub off with soap.
  • These are so vibrant and fun, just what I am looking for for a black light party! Enough for everyone to wear!
  • These are easy to apply and they stay on for a few hours. They do glow good though and the kids loved them.
  • These fake tattoos are fun. My yeen went to a glow in the dark dance and these were perfect.Her and all her friends wore them and said they glowed.Easy to apply.Took a little rubbing alcohol to remove, exactly like other similar products I've used.
  • These are cute and would be fun for all kids. They are exactly as expected and do glow in the dark. Easy to apply and do stay on for a few days, unless you scrub them off. I am not sure I’d pay the listed price, unless I am in the market specifically for this exact item.
  • These are fun to use with our kids running club events.Kids LOVE tattoos of any and all sorts.Easy to use and quick to apply.The kids really like the glow in the dark ones.They come in sheets with several on a sheet.A bit of a hassle to take the time to cut each individual one out and then have to keep up with them.Would prefer if they were individual tattoos and/or perforated for easy removal from the sheet.
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  • Let's Party! Stand Out in the Crowd: These fluorescence neon tattoos with nearly 200 different patterns, including music notes, love signs, numbers, crowns, headphones, and gestures, you can create your own unique look and shine in the dark. The vibrant and glowing colors under UV light can make these tattoos stand out and provide a distinct aesthetic appeal. Show your love for bright colors and unconventional art forms.
  • Perfect for Glow Party and Social Scenes: Whether you're going to a rave, clubs, carnival, pool party, music festival, wedding, dancing, birthday party or halloween, our glow in the dark neon temporary tattoos are the perfect accessory to make your outfit pop. You'll have plenty of options to choose from and can share with friends and famil
  • Safe & Fun, and Easy to Use: Our blacklight glow tattoos are safe for all ages and can be applied to any part of the body. like face, arms, wrists, fingers, ankles, neck, shoulders, feet, legs, and back. Plus, they're easy to apply and remove with just a few simple steps.
  • Long-Lasting and Removable UV Luminous Tattoos: Our fake glow tattoos are durable, waterproof, and removable, safe quality guaranteed, and last 3-5 days, perfect temporary tattoo for women or men, but can be easily removed with alcohol, and body oil, or olive oil when you're ready for a change.
  • Neon Glow Temporary Tattoos Size: 4.7x2.75 inchs (Pack of 20)
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