Individual Lash Glue FADLASH Cluster Lash Glue 2-3S Dry Time 7-15 Days Retention DIY Lash Extension Glue Self Application Sensitive Lash Cluster Glue Black 5ml (DIY/Cluster Lashes Use Only) - REVIEW

  • this lash glue is good IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOURE DOING,take it from me they are not lying when they said it dries in 3secs. this is NOT for beginners and do not get it in your eye
  • The media could not be loaded. So strong. So first off I read a lot of reviews and was worried about this product. But I tried anyways. It’s AMAZING. No I’m not paid for this review 😂 I’ve had my lashes on for days wash my face shower no issues. I use clusters. So here’s the thing I don’t understand what people are saying about fumes. I did have an issue with getting it on my waterline/ in my eye it hurt a lot because it dries pretty much instantly and I think that’s what’s happening to a lot of you. It’s not fumes it’s the glue in your eye. I think this product is definitely for people who have been doing clusters for a while as there is no room for error. Once you place them it starts to dry. I’ve been wearing mine a few days I’m excited to use this product regularly. It’s going to save me a ton. Now my clusters will stay for a prolonged time like lash extensions. I get $6 clusters on Amazon from Dedila, 18mm.So I’m getting diy lash extensions for $15 n I’m able to do a bunch of sets I only use 3-4 clusters on an eye and there’s about 100 in each lash box. That’s 25 sets for $15. Cannot beat that. I get compliments on my lashes all the time and there so cheap! Get remover if you are not skilled at clusters!
  • I use cluster lashes and this says single lash on the bottle but amazon title includes cluster so I got it. Like most glues, the fumes were burning my eyes so I got a hand held fan to blow my lashes as soon as I placed each cluster.Now,this is really intended for single lashes. But I tried the cluster. Glue dries pretty quick so you have to work fast and carefully. I recommend you buy the glue remover. I placeda cluster wrong and couldn't adjust it because it's like super glue. So I had to start over. Once done,they looked pretty good but my eyes were really burning and I put a cluster too close to my eyebal so slightly touch my eye. It was very uncomfortable so I removed them and started over.The glue works great, just remember it's time sensitive and it's supposed to be for single lashes so it feels a little clumpy on a cluster.
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  • 💛For Self Lash Extension and Cluster Lashes: This individual lash glue is specially designed for self-applications and you could do your lash extensions with this cluster lash glue by yourself at home. Caution: Shake it well before use and do a skin patch test first if you have sensitive skin!(DIY/Cluster Lashes Use Only) Lash Extension Glue Pls Search: B09WYHH3NY
  • 💛Long Lasting Eyelash Glue: Suitable for eyelash extension and cluster lashes use. Wearing time can reach 2 weeks. If you have strong requirements for wearing time, choose carefully.
  • 💛For Sensitive Eyes: Our cluster lash glue has a pretty safe formula without any chemical stimulus. Extremely safe for sensitive eyes. If your clients or you are sensitive people, this DIY lash extension glue is for you!
  • 💛Sealed Packaging: The cluster lash glue is completely sealed, Preserve maximum glue freshness before it is opened. Use a needle to open the glue when used for the first time.
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