Swiss-O-Par Eyebrow and Eyelash Colour Black - REVIEW

  • The vitamin c treatment burnt my eyes really bad and was a little confusing to use, and the dye looked good for the first 10mins but results faded really fast, it didnt really dye my lashes.
  • It worked super well for my eyebrows! It was very easy to use and lasted for a few weeks. It did exactly what I wanted it to do. I got the black and it works for my color, but it looks more like a deep rich brown. I think it would be too light for true black hair. I went to use it on my eyelashes, but it burned my eyes so badly every time I tried to put it on my lashes. I had to wipe it off and wash my eyes out. It did not get into my eyes, but it was so strong that just being near burned my eyes. I woul not recommend using it on your lashes, especially if you have sensitive skin/eyes. For your eyebrows however, it works amazing!
  • This lasts a surprisingly long time, and it's very easy to apply. My eyelashes are already pretty dark, but at the ends they are light. With this, it darkens the ends and makes my eyelashes look super long
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  • Intensive colour that lasts for weeks
  • Gives your eyes glowing expressiveness - without the colour smudging or smearing
  • Even and perfect results in just a few minutes
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