L.A. Colors Browie Wowie, Soft Brown, 1 Ounce - REVIEW

  • I just happened to buy because I needed a cheap item for free shipping and I was pleasantly surprised. Easy to use, there is an eyebrow brush side and a pencil side that can be pulled out with a twist and is convenient for styling.
  • I have dyed dark brown hair, and I was getting tired of needing to color my light/grayish eyebrows. This pen does the trick. I've been using Browie Wowie for a few years, and I was happy to buy it off Amazon instead.
  • Don't do alot of makeup but love this. It works well and perfect shade for me!!!
  • Blends over and tints brow easily.fills in sparse areas and covers gray and white, brush end blends and shapes. Looks natural.
  • Great coverage and doesn’t budge. Don’tbother buying a more expensive brand.This one has great smooth application.
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  • Using the Spoolie end, brush brow hair to shape, as desired
  • Using short, quick strokes draw hair like lines from the bottom of brow to the top
  • Brush again for a blended natural look
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