Go Ho Pink Face Body Glitter Gel,Singer Concerts Face Glitter Makeup,Holographic Long Lasting Chunky Sequins Glitters for Eye Lip Hair Nails,Festival Rave Accessories,03 Pink Glitter 52g - REVIEW

  • Love the different sizes of glitter stuck pretty good, but also wasn’t hard to take off with soap and water
  • This a gel-based glitter that you can apply to skin and hair. It's a thin texture and dries quickly. You can build it up for a more intense effect. Comes off with regular soap and water. Pretty rainbow shift and variety of sizes and shapes of glitter. Great for concerts, clubs, festivals and kid parties.
  • I was a bit hesitant to get this just because I have sensitive skin but I've been wearing it around my house for the last couple hours and everything is good! It's dried down nicely, isn't crunchy or sticky, and I actually forgot I had it on my face till I rubbed my cheeks. It compares to the $20 Elektra Cosmetics glitter I've used in the past but didn't want to fork out the money for this time lol
  • This glitter gel glides on well and stays put. It adds a nice sparkly touch to wherever it is applied. Perfect for any occasion that you want to add a bit of sparkle to!
  • Easy to apply to the face.Comes off easy in the shower.Easy clean up.No skin irritation.After using this product, I've had no problems with it at all.I have no complaints to report about this product.I recommend this product.
  • Easy to apply and spread.The blue glitter gel has multiple sized glitter pieces in it to give it more variety.Fries after a few minutes and can be washed off easily.The blue glitter gel is very pretty and goes perfect. if you’re doing anything mermaid or sea monster themed this is a perfect addition.Good value to price ratio.
  • I got the peach-pink body glitter, and I'm very pleased with it. It's just inexpensive body glitter that you can safely let kids loose with.It comes out of the tube easily. I don't think it's designed for detailed work, because there's no precision-applicator; it just comes out as a gel, and you can spread it around. It's nice and sparkly.What I liked best is that it washes off easily with just water. It doesn't irritate the skin, and when you've had enough of being sparkly, you don't have to fight to remove it. Very pretty, and easy to use.
  • This is great body glitter! It is very easy to apply and relatively easy to take off as well with some warm water and soap. I really like the color! The only problem I had is that while the glitter is great, the tube that the glitter came in was very poorly constructed and the end of the tube burst open and it spilled out everywhere, so I had to clean up a mess and discard the whole product. Overall, great glitter, but a really poorly made tube.
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  • Holographic Effect:1989 Singer Concerts Face Body Chunky Glitter Blends with plenty of different shapes and sizes of chunky and fine glitters in a gel base,great for a metallic coverage wtih a holographic effect.The mermaid sequin glitters have vibrant color,which shows up as an ultra-reflective and shiny sparking shimmer smear.
  • Easy-on,easy-off:Has a stick adhesive,goes on smoothly with a quick swipe of a finger or brush after easy squeezing out.Can be applied over face paint designs or body shimmer without smearing them.For ultimate glitter effect apply in layers letting each layer dry before applying the next.Easily remove with soap and water.
  • Long Lasting:Because of the sticky gel,a thin bit goes a long way.The flatter you lay it to skin the longer it holds.It takes a second to dry.After dried and it is set,it keeps shiny in the sun and will not drop at all.
  • Safe Ingredients:Made of natural and safe ingredints.Vegan,cruelty-free,hypoallergenic and never tested on animals.Non-irriated on skins.
  • Wildly Use:This cosmetic chunky and fine glitters can be used to either complement your makeup look or just add some sparkle to other parts of your face and body.Great for face, body, eyeshadow, lips, cheeks, hair, nail art, and more.Great accessories for Singer Concerts,Music Festival,Rave,music festivals, weddings, parties, parades, football tailgates, and on stages around the world.
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