DSLONG Cat Eye Lashes Looks Like Eyelash Extensions, Russian Strip Lashes Clear Band Natural Look Wispy Lashes, D Curl Fluffy Volume Cross Multi layered Invisible Band Eyelashes (02B) - REVIEW

  • I don’t have a picture of me wearing them, but I will tell you, they are the best! The curl is everything! It’s light weight and has a invisible band for the girlies who like to cut them up into individuals like me and make them look like extensions!
  • Love these lashes. They are not too thick. The band is thin and flexible. I use them for under lash application. I trim them to the right length, then cut in 3 pieces and apply to my lashes using lash glue and lash bond I got from Amazon. As you can see in the photos - no different from eyelash extensions without the price tag. Also, with this technique lashes last 3-4 days for me
  • I always wanted really good lashes, but I was always worried that I would look crazy in them. I didn't want it to look like I'd attached brooms to my eyes. I love these because they just looked natural and like I was always using great mascara my whole life. It's so soft too. I've once worn lashes that were stiff. Granted those were lashes that came free with a wig purchase, but these lashes are not like that at all.Plus, I love that it comes with so many lashes because this pack lasted so long. So aside from it looking natural and feeling soft, it lasted long. I wish it came with a tweezer or glue, but for all that you get...it's well worth it.
  • I absolutely adore the these eyelashes! I got the 02B style. They are by far the best eyelashes I have found on Amazon. The unique design of these lashes gives me a natural yet dramatic look which is perfect for any occasion. The invisible band is incredibly comfortable to wear and blends seamlessly with my natural lashes. These lashes hold up really well throughout the day and do not irritate my eyes which is a huge plus. I am also able to wear my glasses without my eyelashes hitting the lenses because of the D-curl! Huge plus!! They look a lot like eyelash extensions but they are SO much cheaper. Overall, I would highly recommend these lashes to anyone looking for a high-quality product that delivers beautiful, voluminous lashes every time!
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  • 👀【Invisiable Clear Lash Band】It is soft and fluffy, comfortable and natural, and blends perfectly with your own natural eyelashes.
  • 🎈【D Curl Lash】The 3D false eyelashes are curled and fluffy, built with high-quality fibers, always maintain a wonderful curl and enhance your eyes.
  • ✨【Natural Look Effect】Thin sheer band lashes won't see the band, making your makeup look natural. Make your eyes bigger, brighter and more attractive than usual.
  • 🎀【Easy To Use】Our false eyelashes are handcrafted and trimmed to the shape of your eye. It can be done at home in just a few minutes and can be reused with careful care.
  • 💌【After-sales service】DSLONG specializes in researching eyelashes, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are always here to help you!
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