Brown Lashes Fluffy Wispy Colored False Eyelashes Natural Look D Curl Mink Eyelashes with Clear bands 10 Pairs Pack by Pleell - REVIEW

  • A fact of getting older, your eyelashes start to thin out and just look nonexistent. I've tried every mascara, curler, and extensions. Bottom line, NOTHING looks as good as good ole strip lashes. The ones with the clear band are very convincing on me, with my pale skin and natural blonde/ white hair. I think darker complected ladies probably look better with a darker band as I have seen them being worn. These lashes look fairly natural, but with enough weight to replace my own formerly thick lashes. Don't give up older ladies!! It takes a bit of practice for application but after you get it, WOW! The most importantthing if you are using these to replace your lost natural lashes is getting the right fit. First hold it up to your eye to size the band, then cut it down to the exact width of your eye. This was the real game changer for me. Also focus on getting enough glue on the ends. Then count 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. When your natural lashes aren't there to camouflage any mistakes, application has to be perfect! I'd say if you have a little patience and are willing to practice, false eyelashes can make the biggest difference in turning back the clock a couple of decades. ;)
  • I LOVE these brown wispy lashes!! I wear them almost every single day. They are natural, yet just the right amount of length😍 the band is super thin, so it’s hard to see which gives it an even more natural look.
  • these eyelashes are amazing for everyday wear! the band is thing and easy to work with. if you’re not used to brown eyelashes these will seem almost transparent as they are really really light brown! i love and will be buying multiple packs
  • So cute! Gives that fox eye appearance, super light but long. In between natural and dramatic. They’re a must buy!
  • It may be just me but I look dumb with black makeup so I only wear brown makeup whether that is eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara etc.It’s so flippin hard to find brown lashes like wtf. I used to have to order them from a Chinese seller directly but they discontinued and I didn’t like how short they were anyway. I use these as half lash extensions by using lashify glue product and sticking on half of these lashes on. I blend it together with mascara to look more natural.I love a good even mix of dramatic and natural so voila these exist
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  • Brown Lashes with Clear Bands: Compared to black bands, clear bands make your makeups more natural and don’t need to cover up with brown eyeliner, suitable for all skin tones.
  • Fluffy Cat Eye Lashes with Brown: Brown lashes feature classic cat eye style and fluffy d curl, plus are handmade delicately by premium faux mink fiber to being natural and charm high quality lashes.
  • Charming & Comfort Wear All Day: Brown lashes will add the charm and elegance to your makeup, and you wear them to keep attractive and flirty for all day you don’t feel them. So comfortable.
  • Perfect for Lash Beginners: Lash Bands’ width is controlled about 1mm, not are too thick to be bulky, while not too thin to fall apart, so durable. And, they are so soft and flexible for easy application in minutes, even if beginners.
  • Customer-Priority After-Sale Service--We learn about your worries. All return and exchange are free. If you have any question about our mink lashes, please contact us freely.
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