Half Lashes, Lashes Natural Look 10 Pairs Volume Cat Eye Lashes 10mm Wispy Lashes with Clear Band Short False Eyelashes TB02 - REVIEW

  • Just learning makeup, these lashes are very big and really nice in my humble opinion lol
  • My first time actually wearing lashes so i didnt want to start out with anything dramatic or thick and these were perfect. Give you just enough enhancement without looking silly. Im not a big fan of the big thick lashes. Just enough to make your eyes pop! If you want a little bit of pop, these are it!!
  • These lashes are my absolute "GO TO". When I get down to around half a pack, I automatically pop on here and order a new pack. I can not go without them. They are my EVERYDAY perfection in the lash world. Like most lash lovers, I started out nervous when I started wearing them, wanting "Simple" "Natural" "Not Noticeable"...but of course, the obsession was real, and I shortly there after ended up buying the longest, thickest most dramatic sets I could get my hands on. WELL flash forward a few years, and my make-up game, and lash game are on POINT and I have discovered a happy medium to that complimentary final touch of the best makeup looks, and let me tell you, these lashes are IT for me! Let me start out off by saying the band is flexible, not too thick, not hair thin and breakable either. The length is AMAZING, dramatic? Just a little...just enough...sexy, doll eye looking, not Vegas show girl that weighs and takes away from any good eye makeup look. Thick? NOT over the top, but where it needs to be down at the base, fanning out into long volume with different pattern lengths in the lash strip, making it look very stunning with or with out liner and pairing nicely with just about any color/amount you chose. I'm one of those who DOES add a layer of my fave mascara (and since you asked, it's Sky High at the moment, as it goes on falsies amazing and clump free!). This blends my real non-desirable lashes ;) into the strip of these lashes, and creates a GREAT look. I've had quite a few compliments from other lash users as well, who notice that I've got something, but it's not over the top with the "False" look. However, don't me fooled, it packs a gorgeous punch! I use (mainly) the DUO black liner glue, and kiss clear depending on my look for the day..and let me tell ya, I have used them on everything from simple spring clean fresh colors for a day on the golf course, to dramatic smokey eyes with my dark colors and shades with just about every brow look, shimmer, matt and combo you can think of. It's my new go to. I have other more pricey sets in my makeup box, and while I do like them, I haven't touched them in so long. Which leads me to the price. I think it speaks for itself considering how many you get. Don't sleep on these if your looking for your new everyday sets. <3
  • These where cut up and used for anime make up and every day use ! Lashes where light and very durable
  • i don’t wear lashes that often so these are rlly nice to have around! i love how natural they are but u can still tell they’re there!
  • These really look like volume lash extensions!! They are not subtle or natural looking so don’t let the description fool you. I do love them just not the “natural look”. I will definitely use these a lot!!
  • I wanted to try these lashes on as a beginner but they’re difficult to put on and still lay a little weird despite cutting the inner corners. It was difficult to put on with long nails and even tweezers but I love the look the manhua lashes give.
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  • 【High Quality】Half Lashes with Clear Band are made of high quality import chemical fiber with natural look and fluffy style, 100% handmade. 100% vegan, cruelty-free
  • 【Double Experience & "0" Burden】Our false eyelashes can be used as double-stack lashes. So you can use it alone or in combination. They are much lighter than common false lashes, so no burden
  • 【Easy to Use】 Easy to pick it off from the boxes, no spilled. Please use tweezers to pick up the lashes from the bottom instead of tips. Easy to apply and remove.
  • 【Suitable for Different Occasions】They are perfect for professional, makeup salon, cosmetic school, makeup artist and personal home use, etc.
  • 【100% After-Sale Guarantee】 Don’t be worried if not willing with the item! Feel free to contact us without hesitation. We support refund and exchange, Ahrikiss always here to help you!
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