Fake Blood Sfx Makeup Kit Scar Wax(1.6 Oz) with Scab Coagulated Blood Gel, Spatula Tool Cosmetics Mixer,Stipple Sponge, Professional Halloween Fake Wound Skin Wax for Darker Skin Tone - REVIEW

  • This kit is great if you're getting started in FX make up. It's inexpensive but high quality. The wax is easy to work with and the sponge helps the fake blood look authentic.
  • Used this set for my friends and I for Halloween & it worked wonders the blood stays on and looked fresh the whole night! Definitely recommend
  • This is a good kit for beginners, I really like the assorted items included here, the wax has a good consistency to hold its shape and the fake blood is awesome on imitating the real thing, the spatula included is awesome and the sponges for texture are great too, this kit is fun to use and I recommend it, but is a bit expensive in my opinion for what it is.
  • REVIEWING: Wismee Scar Wax(1.6 Oz) Special Effects Sfx Makeup Kit with Fake Scab Coagulated Blood Gel, Stipple Sponge, Spatula Tool Cosmetics Mixer Professional Halloween Fake Wound Skin***Really simple, effective, straightforward kit. I was able to apply it with no instructions nor previous experience. I know now it'll be pretty easy to pick up techniques for more realistic applications.The wax was easy to use & mold for the most part. It was sticking to the spatula as Iattempted to shape & smoothe.The coagulated blood is very thick, sticky & chunky like jelly in syrup. Not smooth at all as pictured. It was a bit awkward to apply, but it worked out.As is, it'll work for some nice fleshy sfx for my skin tone. I'll have to try again with texture to see how well everything in this kit works together for the desired effect.Overall, it's just an okay kit.
  • If you use make up sure your skin is not oily or moist. Or the wax won’t stay in your skin. Buy a good make up remover, because the blood will stain your skin red. I think it is a good value for someone learning to do costume make up.
  • I really like this set. It's a good starter set for someone just wanting to learn to do a couple small quick wounds. It is great for making some quick little scars just the scar wax needs to be kneeded a bit in the hands to warm it up just like any other scar wax to be able to mold it properly. The tool that it comes with is super nice for getting it out of the container and the blood definitely keeps on the wound.
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  • LOOK LIKE REAL — This versatile synthetic skin wax is developed as a substitute for traditional Modeling Wax. More pliable and easier to accomplish finer details than traditional Modeling Wax. Better smooth the edges of prosthetic pieces and for blocking out eyebrows or adding features to characters for performances. This skin wax brings your imagination to life by creating better details.
  • SCUFFING EFFECT — Dip a proper amount of fake blood ointment on the skin or the skin wax that has been shaped, and then gently scratch it with a sponge to create a real abrasion effect. (Hint: Don't apply too much force during use, and don't apply too much blood ointment, otherwise it will cause lumps and lumps, and the imitation of scratches will not be so real.)
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS AND OCCASSIONS — Use this synthetic wax to create cuts, warts, and other molded shapes Prosthetics like eyebrows or create knife, gunshot wounds, bullet wounds, bruises, burns, broken limbs. Have fun on Halloween party, Fancy Dress, Carnivals, Fun Themed Party, Festival or TV program special effects, costume and cosplay, daily prank etc.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SPATULA TOOL — Equipped with a dedicated high quality stainless steel makeup mixer to help you create a variety of scary fake wounds.There are flat heads and pointed double heads to meet your different needs.
  • SPECIAL NOTES — Use spatula instead of hand to sculp this wax on skin because the warmness of hand make wax getting softer and softer and harder to sculp.
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