L'Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Eyeshadow Metallics, Caged, 0.09 oz. - REVIEW

  • I love this beautiful simmering color beautiful eyeshadow.. stays on all day. 5 star from wandadee Georgia USA
  • I have used this eyeshadow for YEARS. I discovered it 2-3 years ago while trying to find a cheaper replacement for a Sephora color that they kept running out of. I love the shimmer! It does fall a bit, so I have to use both an eyelid primer as well as setting spray. I do also recommend blotting after applying to reduce the shimmer fall.It doesn't crease unless my skin is super dry - so I would suggest a moisturizer if you have dry skin on your face prior to applying. Stays on longer than 12 hours.
  • I get so many compliments about this eyeshadow, men and women both love the color.
  • Maaan, I want that eyeshadow Elephant so bad, but it is $56 dollars (at the time of this post). Yeah it's fancy, French, and charitable. Am I gonna spend that kind of money on a single eyeshadow? Nope. So I hopped on trying to find a dupe. A color dupe, I don't care about the formula, unless it impacts the opacity, etc. I bought a ton of options, and Caged is the closest, so far. Is it as shiny and shimmering as Elephant? I don't believe so, but that is what toppers are for, and I have a ton of those. Is it a weird mix of gray, taupe, and silver shimmer, just like Elephant? It is when it is buffed out all over the lid! Is Caged a perfect dupe? No. Is it close enough to count? It sure is! Save yourself $50 and get this instead.
  • I loved the smooth texture as I applied it to my eye lids.As a mature woman, I was happy to finally find an eye shadow that didn't make me feel like I was scraping my eye lids.
  • Beautiful gold/bronze eyeshadow. Very creamy with a little fall out on the cheeks because of how creamy they are. Recommended it to so many people as a great shadow that is easy to use with TONS of pigment. Please never quit selling this. I have tried the other colors and they are just as good but this one is my favorite.
  • I LOVE the "Aluminum Foil" colored eye shadow. It goes on evenly and smooth and is absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely be buying this in other colors! That being said...I also bought the color "Brass Knuckles" (that was on the same invoice as the Aluminum Foil colored eye shadow) from a different seller named "sellersophie" and what did I get? RIMMEL BLUSH that was completely broken and crushed to pieces! I called Amazon Customer Service, and they gave me a credit.
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  • Metallic Shadow
  • High Color Impact
  • Foiled Finish
  • 5 Shades
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