Cluster Lashes 72 Pcs Lash Clusters DIY Eyelash Extension Individual Lashes D-8-16mix Thin Band Easy to Apply at home Lashes (Adore, D-8-16mix) - REVIEW

  • These look and feel so good on! They definitely beat playing 100s for ones from a salon! They’re so easy to do yourself as well! 10/10 recommend and will buy again!
  • I didn’t think I could do it, but it was so easy to apply not uncomfortable at all was even able to sleep with them on didn’t even feel them there like I had nothing at all like they were my own lashes will certainly buy more 100% recommend I’m in love with these lashes never going back to strip lashes again!
  • I loved how easy the clusters were able to be handled & the way they fit!
  • This is so easy to use and It works !!! My lashes are lasting unlike with others . You won’t regret getting It
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  • 72 Pcs Cluster Lashes: The hottest Cluster lashes among the social media are avaiable now! Different from other brands, PRO LashBeauty can provide 72 pcs in one tray! Mix Length from 8mm to 16mm. Same Price you can get more lashes and use more times.
  • Bring salon to your home: Pro LashBeauty Lash clusters are easy to apply. Divided individual Lashes into sections, easy to pick up and apply by yourself. You can apply the eyelashes with different lengths and styles according to different occasion. Save money from doing eyelash extensions. You will become a master of DIY lash extensions with a little practice!
  • How to Use: Apply the mascara wand cluster lash glue to your natural lashes and wait about 30 seconds.Gently take lashes off the strip by grab them at the root. Then apply the cluster lashes underneath your natural eyelashes, away 2-3mm from your eyelid! Finally, star your new day with your new eyelash!
  • Comforatable & Reusable: Our brand eyelash clusters have super thin band and they are very lightweight. Comfortable to wear the whole day and whole night. Individual cluster lashes can be reused up to 5 times if they are nice cared.
  • Guarantee & After Sales Service:If there's anything we can help you with please message us and we will give your quick response and solutions. Thank you for shopping with us!
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