Lash Juice by Amber Lash, 3-in-1 Coating Essence and sealant for Eyelashes with Extensions and or Lift Perm, Protect and Nourish to Promote Healthy Eyelash Growth 15ml / 0.51 fl oz (Clear) - REVIEW

  • Makes my lash lift last longer and made my eye lashes longer too! Highly recommend
  • I haven't noticed any significant improvement, but when I use the mascara with it my lashes definitely look a bit thicker. I think its making my natural lashes moisturized and conditioned. It's a thin consistency and alittle goes a long way. Nice product!
  • Can be used on regular lashes without using extensions. Good for sensitive skin like mine
  • I bought this a couple days ago. I’ve already noticed that my eyelashes are stronger when I put on my masacara. I often notice my eyelashes are weaker from daily mascara use and I was wanting something that would strength then and keep them long. This product definitely works!
  • WHAT I LOVE!-awesome beauty product! Feels like a very expensive product especially for the price, doesnt irritate me at all!-great quality-great price-packaged really well and arrived when I expected it to-easy to communicate with company if you have any issues at allWHAT I DISLIKE!-nothing!OVERALL-HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT AND WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS. WHEN I NEED ANOTHER ITEM LIKE THIS I WILL BE REPURCHASING!
  • was skeptical about using it as some lash things can be heavy and hurt my eyes and the skin around it.This was perfect, not too thick and heavy and felt great
  • This lash juice helps to keep your lashes moisturized and healthy. Apply it Just like mascara. It works!
  • I love that this has a mascara style applicator!It's so much easier to apply lash serums with this kind of applicator.I ordered the clear Lash Juice to use as a conditioner on my natural lashes.The ingredients seem promising: biotin, copper tripeptide, and collagen.I don't know if this product is making a noticeable difference in the growth of thickness of my lashes, but it's certainly not hurting them.I haven't had any irritation with this product and my lashes do look healthy.
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  • 🧃PROTECT- Lash Juice is a coating sealant for eyelashes after a lifting or extension procedure, to protect the lashes and make the retentions last longer!
  • 🧃NOURISH- Lash Juice is full of nutrients for eyelashes such as biotin and various plants extract to provide best nourishments to your lashes!
  • 🧃THICKER- Special formula of copper tri-peptide, collagen and various other peptides keep your eyelashes healthy and promote thicker, fuller, better growth!
  • 🧃SHAPE- Lash Juice will act as lash fixer after an eyelash extension or lift to shape your lashes into even more beautiful curls!
  • 🧃TRUST- Amber Lash is always there to provide best of the eyelash related product. Satisfaction guaranteed or get your money back!
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