Lash Bond and Seal Cluster Lashes Glue DIY Lash Extension Kit Lash Clusters Glue Individual Lashes Strong Hold 48-72 Hours DIY Eyelash Extension Kit Suitable for Sensitive Eyes - REVIEW

  • Sit tight, this is going to be a long review. Ever since i discovered the ease and convenience of DIY cluster lashes, I have been on a mission to find the perfect cluster lash glue. I've literally scoured Amazon and purchased over a handful of glue and gave them a week or two before giving up. That being said, I've lost some real lashes in the process so don't do what I did and just purchase this Fadlash bond and seal cluster lashes. I am hoping to reverse the damage to my lashes that the other glues have caused. The fact that this glue can anchor to my already puny damaged natural lashes is a gd miracle.This review, I will cover all of the problems I had with other glues with a comparison.I want a glue that is going to hold the lashes with full intention of extended wear. I'm a personal trainer, I sweat every day. I can't wear a faceful of makeup and I don't have time to be replacing sets every day.Most important: the bond. This bond gets sticky immediately. I coat the root of my lashes and the base of the cluster. The glue is pliable enough to make adjustments and the glue stays sticky so you don't have to keep coating the glue. Other bonds are super runny and will stick the lashes to the eyelid. This bond does not. Once you get the placement, it's anchored. The only downside is that the lashes can stick to your finger or your tweezer. I've found that blinking fast against my finger upon anchoring and using the tweezer to release the bond from sticking to the finger, gets the cluster lash set.The consistency is pliable but definitely firm. It does not dry like concrete like some other popular brands (i-envy, ardell). It also doesn't dry too fast and flake like (lilac, B&Q).This bond is also not too gummy and it doesn't transfer like (quewel).The seal is pretty fabulous. Once the lashes are placed, the seal literally takes care of any gummy feeling and those lashes aren't moving. However, be sure to not use the seal to excess. It will leave residual clear clumps that will have to be removed.The comfort of the lashes are great. They are lasting past 3 days and the removal is simple, there's no pulling lashes off. I do use a remover to soften, I let it sit for about 20 minutes before I use baby oil gel to scrub and remove.I'm also not experiencing any movement or prickly irritation that I've experienced in the past with this glue and it isn't dissolving the lashes like some glue will doIn closing, this is the best glue out there that I have tried. I sweat, swim, shower, cleanse my face and sleep, these lashes are looking just as good as when I applied them.
  • Loved the bond, but the wand was a pain to work with. The concept for the angled wand was great, but execution was poor. The wand came bent, which I assumed was to help apply the bond closer to the lash line — but because the stopper did not adequately filter the excess bond when removing the wand from the tube, the wand would constantly have clumpy gunk on it during application.Rather than combing the bond through my lashes like I would with regular mascara, I just dab the bond/wand at the base of my lashes. This was the best workaround I could find for dealing with the clumpy nature of the wand. I did like how the wand was angled so that I can get into my inner eye, but again the execution was poor and the clumping on the wand soured my experience.The bond itself is terrific. It dries fairly quickly and does not remain tacky for hours like some bonds. It also did not turn tacky when I’ve spent time outside (100F heat and 75% humidity).With this bond, my cluster lashes held on for 8 days before I swapped them out if boredom. I’m sure they could have lasted longer if I let it. I’ve even gotten 5 days without applying the sealer. My lashes remain in tact when I shower and wash them with lash shampoo + fan brush. In spite of its strength and wonderful retention, the bond is easy and gentle to remove with an oil-based eye makeup remover.The sealer is fine, and the wand on the sealer end is also fine— no clumping at all, and easy application. It is a clear sealer and dries clear. I have not experienced white residue.
  • I like the product I been buying individual lashes since I’m might never go back to getting my lashes done
  • 1st time ever using lash extensions and this bond and seal was so easy to use! I was shocked at how quick it adhered and in about 10 min i was done. The directions were thorough and it was super easy 👌 I like that the bond is black, it makes the bottom of the lashes flow together and look real. Very much recommend and is beginner friendly!
  • The media could not be loaded. Great bottoms , they look so natural, i get so many compliments 💛💛
  • The best lash bond and seal ! You do not need to look elsewhere. Keeps my lashes in place for 2 weeks! I have never been happier with any other product. I love love loveeee this bond and seal! Highly recommend! You will not be disappointed.
  • This glue/bond really works well overall! I love it, it held my lash cluster for about a week.
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  • 💙Easy to use: The dual-ended design of lash bond and seal combined with the compact spiral brush head makes it easier and more even to apply glue to each natural lash.
  • 💙Super strong hold 48-72 hours: Cluster lashes glue and seal made of professional waterproof and sweat-resistant material, false eyelashes can remain firm in any scene for up to 48 hours.
  • 💙Gentle formula: Our individual lashes glue and seal use tested , ensure that the glue is skin-friendly and does not cause allergies. Suitable for Sensitive Eyes.
  • 💙No caking, less residue: compared with other eyelash cluster glue products. FADLASH lash bond and seal will not cause any caking, making your eyes cleaner.
  • 💙Customer satisfaction: If you have any dissatisfaction with the product or have any other questions to ask, email , we will reply to you ASAP and do our best to help you.
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