MEICOLY Fake Blood Washable,Edible Stage Blood,0.5 oz Realistic Drips Sticky Fake Blood with Brush,Safe for Mouth,Teeth,Nosebleed,Halloween,Cosplay,Scar,Wound SFX Makeup,Special Effects,Dark - REVIEW

  • The best fake blood I’ve worked with! Its a bit thick and sticky at first but it’ll dry pretty quick and comes off of fabric and body without any stains!
  • this is a very sticky gel. it’s good because it makes your blood look fresh all night and doesn’t look crusty at all but sticks to everything. i put some setting powder over it though and it mostly fixed that issue
  • It’s a little sticky but other then that it’s super good and it looks real!! Oh and it doesn’t stain!
  • This was very useful for Halloween.It looked real and the teens looked super scary to the little kids around the neighborhood.This blood let them do some really realistic scary looks.
  • This worked well and was a good product to use for Halloween. I would not describe this as a high quality blood but for uses like halloween this definitely does the trick. I did feel like it was not a great color and also dried pretty quickly. Again, this is fine for Halloween makeup, quality sfx though probably not the best for.
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  • REALISTIC TEXTURE BLOOD:Our stage blood like sticky jelly,it is thick,doesn't fade,the same viscosity as real blood.Perfect for hyperrealistic wound FX,small cut,slit throat,realistic slit-wrist blood,right for oozing injuries
  • SPECIAL EFFECTS MAKEUP:Our stage blood will stays put.Fake blood fit for Halloween,action,horror film,stage FX,cosplay,clothes,zombie,scary clown,demonic character.Add MEICOLY stage blood that finishing touch to scar tissue, rotting flesh, open wound effects
  • SAFE FOR MOUTH:Stage bloods remain shiny and tacky,good for pranking people.Safety ingredient for mouth to get bloody
  • EASY TO CREATE NOSE BLEEDS:Use the brush to apply it directly under the nose,create nose blood effect,also fit for made a hand print and sores.Easy to remove with soap and warm water
  • VEGAN&CRUELTY-FREE&NON-TOXIC:Hypoallergenic,not irritate skin.Notice:As with all cosmetics we advise that a small skin patch test is done before applying as everyone's skin is different.Note: It is sticky blood,may messy when interacting with people. Also may stick in your hair.
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