Lash Clusters Glue 5 ML B&Q LASH Bond Long Lasting False Eyelash Glue for DIY Eyelash Extension Lash Wisps Glue Waterproof Glue for Cluster Lashes with Micro Brushes (Black,5ml) - REVIEW

  • I love these clusters. They're easy to put on, easy to take off without harming your real lashes.
  • This glue isn’t hard and crusty. It was also easy to use and took me 10 minutes to apply my lashes. No fumes either! I would highly recommend this glue to beginners as it’s easy to use. Buy this glue! It also came with tiny little brushes and pads to put the glue on*I read that this glue has a hard time of not being tacky anymore so I used a waterproof sealer from quewel*~Lashes I used were also from b&q, style manga 50D-0, 07D~
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  • 【Sticky Lasting & Strong Waterproof】: B&Q cluster lash glue lets lash clusters stick on your natural lashes for 48-72 hours, avoiding the pop-off awkwardness with the excellent lasting waterproof effect, you can enjoy bathing and swimming to the fullest. And this lash bond is very suitable for black eyelashes, you don't need to draw inner eyeliner with it.
  • 【Micro-brush Facilitates Glue Application】: The lash cluster glue formula is mild, and will not damage your natural lashes while holding the cluster lashes. It's easy to remove with B&Q lash clusters remover, and it won't leave residue at the root of your lashes. There are brushes and sticks to help you to make up.
  • 【Special Design for Hygienism & Prevent Dry】: This special design of individual lash glue top can easily take out more lash cluster glue and Prevent glue from drying out. Simple and convenient to use, even beginners can easily control it!
  • 【Suitable for Multiple Lash Types】: This lash glue mascara is suitable for lash clusters, false eyelashes, strip lashes, and more. If you are using or want to try these lash types, remember to take your "right-hand man" - B&Q eyelash cluster glue.
  • 【Friendly and sweet service】: Clear response to customer questions and problem is crucial. We will reply to your message as soon as possible so please feel free to contact us!
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