MLEN DIARY 296 Clusters Single Lashes Individual Manga Lashes Cluster Lashes Natural Look Cat Eye Lashes 5-12mm False DIY Eyelashes Extension Wispy Faux Mink Lash - REVIEW

  • It’s very light weigh and beautiful , first time I can wear a lash and I am comfortable
  • This definitely requires some practice in order to really master the application, but even a falsie newbie like me can apply them pretty easily! I was able to place them underneath my natural lashes without too much struggle, and they look very natural on the eyes. I especially love the spiky reverse triangle ones because they create this doll-like eye look.They are very comfortable to wear too. Once the lashes are on, they are feathery light. It almost feels like I’m wearing noting!The lower lashes are the ones that gave me a little trouble, because there isn’t a lot of surface area for for the glue to attach to. So securing them in the right place was a bit hard. I think with practice I can get better at them though.Overall, this kit is a great starter kit for individual lashes and clusters. You get to try a variety of types of lashes at an affordable price, and they are high quality.
  • These lashes independently are nice! They are light and wispy. The material they are made with is not too plastic feeling or rigid like some lashes can be so they feel comfortable when you wear them. They come well packaged and there is no glue band on them so they are easy to take off the package and install.I tried using these with the Lashify glue and they did not work. I’d recommend looking into different types of glue that work better with these types of lashes. The lashes themselves are good quality and should last very well with the right kind of glue.
  • I ordered these in three sizes thinking I could use smaller for the inside and larger in the middle like my one piece lashes are. I found these hard to use and does not look good unless using all from the same set. There was too much discrepancy even with using the same brand and style. I ended up just tossing them. They did feel nice but just awkward to use.
  • I'm not very savvy with eyelashes, so no fault of this product.They look vary natural, not overwhelming. I have a nice pair of tweezers to help apply, but I still couldn't get the hang of it, but I will keep trying.These lashes are very nice and priced well.
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  • 【Features】MlEN DIARY DIY Individual lashes adopt advanced faux mink hair-like synthetic fibers.0.07mm thickness. Comfortable and light on the eyes, keep lash curling, not easy to fall apart, and suitable for different eyes shape.
  • 【Size specification】296pcs cluster lashes with 4 styles mixed volume lash, 40pcs 5mm Bottom Lashes , 76pcs 11-12mm A lashes, 36pcs 9-10mm Natural Cluster Lashes, and 144pcs 9-12 Fish Tail lashes. NOTE: No tweezers and No glue in box.
  • 【Easy to use】 Individual false eyelashes are easy to apply and remove, they can be removed by eye makeup remover. Easy to remove from the box, no spillage. The packaging is beautifully simple and easy to carry.
  • 【Charming look】This mixed volume C curl lash extensions kit perfect for meetings, office life, daily use, salons, photo shoot, shopping, dating night, birthday party, etc. The cluster eyelashes are also perfect for professionals and beginners.
  • 【Reusable】Just refer to our instruction, you can easily graft the false lashes on your eyes, be your own eye makeup artist. Tips: Please keep the tops of the forceps clean and free of glue, as this will make the pick up process smoother.
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