Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit, 7 Pairs Magnetic Lashes 3D Natural Look with Eyeliner and Tweezers, Reusable False Eyelashes Easy to Wear, No Glue Needed, Lightweight & Sweatproof (7 Pairs) - REVIEW

  • I have been trying different kinds of false eyelashes lately. This one is one of the vest ones i have gotten so far. Super easy to use, and the look good on me.
  • I have worn magnetic lashes for many years. I love how easy they are to apply & how real they look. All these lash styles look great. My only issue was the special eyeliner. I think it may have contained latex (which I’m allergic to) because my eyes started to itch & blister after 2 days of wearing them.
  • I absolutely love these eyelashes. I have only tried wearing lashes once before and personally did not like them, due to that particular brand maybe, I'm not really sure but needless to say they were nothing like these. I put them on and almost forget that they are on because of how awesome they are.
  • I like that I wear them more than once twice ect. To me this is the best way to wear lashes no glue. Perfect
  • I’m not a fan of glue fake lashes. I have a pack I’ve worn only a few times because I can never get the inner corner to stay glued down. I wanted fake lashes for a concert I’m going to so I thought I’d try the magnet ones.These lashes were amazing, but not at first. I was doing a trial run before the Eras Tour so I did my makeup, applied the liner (which was so smooth and pigmented and just lovely). It took over an hour for it to dry (don’t worry, that was user error). Then I applied the lashes and they were gorgeous. I did the most subtle ones for a trial run (second from the bottom). And they were pretty but felt too heavy and they were slightly too big (you can see some gaping in the picture I included). I took them off, easy peasy. Half the liner came off with them, as expected. I took a picture of the lashes on a table to show that you do need to scrape the liner and makeup off the magnets before using again.The liner is splotchy at this point but I trimmed the lashes down one magnet then I reapplied the liner to try again. I only waited 3 minutes then did a second coat. I waited 5 minutes and put the lashes on. The liner was tacky, not fully dry, and it worked perfect. The lashes look so good. So, if you mess up like I did, don’t be afraid to fix it.There are 5 small magnets on each lash. If you trim it make sure to trim all the way to the next magnet or you’ll have the edge of the lash sticking up (or you can glue that part), but if you trim it to the next magnet the edge stays down.The package is nice, the lashes stay in place with a magnet strip. The tweezers that come with it are useless because they’re magnetized. I guess they’re just used to get them off the package without pulling on the hairs.
  • The eyeliner actually goes on a lot smoother, and less clumpy then some of the other products like this that i have tried
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  • 【Easy To Use】 These false eyelashes are very easy to wear without any special tools (novice friendly). Just apply the magnetic eyeliner and wait for drying out and then gently lay the lashes on top of your natural lashes, you will have a charming 3D looking instantly.
  • 【Comfortable & Easy To Clean】When you wear the fake eyelashes, you even can't feel it, super comfortable and lightweight, will not add any burden to your eyes. You only need to wipe gently with eye makeup remover to remove the eyeliner.
  • 【Natural Look & Long Lasting】Our magnetic eyelashes is very durable, strong and sweatproof, there has 5 strong magnets on each false lashes strip, they will make your glamorous makeup last longer, give you a natural and beautiful appearance.
  • 【7 Pairs Reusable Eyelashe】 7 pairs different styles of eyelashes will meet your different needs, give you a different style 3D eyelashes natural look and bright attractive eyes for all occasions like working, dates, parties, weddings, etc.
  • 【Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit】The package included the lashes, eyeliner and tweezers. The eyeliner will no harm to your eyes or skin, you also can use it as normal liquid eyeliner. Is the Perfect gift for mom, wife, girlfriend, sister.
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