ETUDE Dr. Mascara Fixer For Super Long Lash #02 (Natural Extension) (21AD) | | Long-Lasting Smudge-Proof Mascara Fixer with Lengthening Effect | Korean Makeup - REVIEW

  • This is my first time trying to and I'm impressed! Nothing holds my long straight Asian lashes in place after painstakingly curling them like this does! It doesn't hold it all day, but it held on for hours!Only issue I have with it is...the shedding brush. I saw some other reviews mention it after I noticed it this normal or a bad batch? 🤔 I wiped the wand on a tissue to see if I could get it to stop, but bits kept breaking off. I took a star off for that.
  • I've seen this all over social media and finally decided to try it, I'm so glad I did! These keep my stubbornly straight lashes curled. It has small fibers in it to lengthen your lashes. You can use it on it's own or layer any mascara on top of it.
  • Definitely sets the lashes, but it makes the lashes harder to apply mascara on after using it. Love the brush wand shape!
  • It works great and doesn’t weigh my lashes down (most waterproof don’t) and I really like the packaging the soft tube ones seem to last longer without getting dried out. Only thing I noticed is it wasn’t as waterproof as my last one but I did purchase it at a beauty stand so I’m not sure if the formula has changed? It still works good and doesn’t smear, but when wet swimming it started coming off more than usual compared to my old tube.
  • To be completely honest, I’m not 100% sure if this is a lash primer or lash-curl-set, but it is AMAZING!! It keeps your lashes right where you want them and they make your lashes look longer and thicker!! Mine is tinted black—in some reviews (and pictures and on the website), it is stated as “clear”. I can honestly just wear this alone and my lashes look pretty good.
  • If you have short asian stubby lashes like mine - go buy this RIGHT now! After curling my lashes from root to tip, I use this before mascara. Let it dry completely and either add a second layer (I do because my lashes are stubborn and hate me) before putting on mascara.I'm on my 2nd tube - trust me, this is a MUST!
  • My lashes have never looked better using this product! I have very straight, Asian lashes that seem to succumb to gravity. I have always struggled with curling them bc they always droop back down again. However, with this product, it really sticks them in place! For the first time ever, my lashes have stayed curled for the day! I typically use this product as a base, then use a volumizing mascara then lengthening mascara on the tips of my lashes. Without the base, my lashes simply don't work. The only downside is that it's pretty difficult to remove, but I typically let Vaseline sit on my lashes for about 10 min and I'm able to remove. Vaseline is good for the lashes anyway!
  • so i’m a lashes only type girl, either false strip lashes or extensions, because i feel like mascara by itself looks weird on my lashes and when i TELL YOU, this stuff put on after curling them has made me completely stop wearing strip lashes, and made getting ready so much easier. if you are thinking about getting this, do it. there may be a little learning curve to application, but once you master it there is no going back wearing anything else.
  • This "fixer" is amazing!It holds a curl like nothing else I've tried.If I want truly waterproof, curled, and long lashes, I use the fixer FIRST, after curling my lashes, let it dry a minute, put on my tubing mascara, and then apply another coat of the fixer.I can swim without my eyelashes/mascara budging.For simple daytime use, I curl my lashes first, apply tubing mascara, and then apply the fixer as the last step.It all washes off with warm water and no tugging.If I use the fixer first, then I have to remove my eyelash makeup with an oil based product. (tip: let the oil soak into your lashes for a 20 seconds or so, then wipe clean)That's a little more work, but worth it if I need truly waterproof mascara.I've bought this fixer 4 times already and can't recommend it enough!Be patient and experiment with what method works best for you!
  • It's soo nice, didn't know how to use it at first but then I found out and it's perfect the only downside is that it's difficult to remove
  • There is a trick to using this and when applied correctly works awesome for me!I curl my bare lashes and apply this first.Right after I apply mascara to that eye.That’s the trick.It needs to be wet to work so do one eye at a time with both this and mascara.Easy Peezy!
  • I absolutely love this product it makes your eyelashes stay up and make ur eyelashes look longer, overall doesn't smudge at all as it says i get a lot of compliments
  • THE STUFF INSIDE ARE NOT HAIRS OR THE BRUSHBRISTLES‼️‼️ …they’refibers. great product, keeps my straight eyelashes up all day. the fibers are supposed to lengthen your lashes (which works great!) but many thought it was a used product/hairs/lashes/bristles. recommend if your lashes won’t stay up
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  • POWERFUL FIXING THAT LASTS ALL DAY: Long-Lasting Wax Formula Holds The Curl Of Your Lashes
  • COATING EFFECT WITHOUT SMUDGING OR DROOPING: Powerful Wax Formula Coats Your Lashes And Helps Them Stay Curled All Day
  • VEGAN MASCARA FIXER: Strictly Tested By Korean Agency Of Vegan Certification And Services
  • A SMART FIXER THAT PROVIDES EYELASH CARE: Iris Ensata Extract And Caffeine Nourish Your Lashes
  • CLEAR FIXER & BLACK FIXER: Use Before Applying Mascara For A Stronger Holding Effect
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