All-natural Jagua Tattoo Kit - (1 oz) | Temporary tattoos | Henna tattoo kit | henna | Fake tattoos | Semi permanent tattoo | henna cones | Henna stencils included | Organic henna jagua - REVIEW

  • The bottles/tips work great!I love that after the designs dry and flake off, there's really nothing to see until BAM! you're walking around, look down, and your awesome body art has started to develop.I'm by no means an expert, but I had fun drawing doodles.I started with the largest tip, concerned it could clog like henna, but it did not, and the fine tip ended up working time I'll try a transfer pattern so it doesn't look like a 4 year old drew it :)
  • Easy to use/store /and clean but if u make a mistake not so easy to remove I like it a lot great purchase
  • Tried more than one Henna from Amazon and this is by far the best. Im on my second box. The first lasted over 5 years in the fridge. Other ink I have lasts for 3 or 4 days. This Henna lasts 2 weeks or more depending on skin type. I have found a helpful tip is to wrap that tattoo in ceranwrap for a few hours and it lasts longer and also eliminates it getting messed up by bumping into things.This is also the easiest tube to squeeze in comparison to others. Not so painful on hands.
  • This is the best product and stains really well! I usually do body henna but have a couple people that want something more realistic. It even stains on areas that henna won't stain -like the ears and smokers. Lasts well if taken care of properly on the body and kept refrigerated lasted several months. I will only buy from this vendor.
  • Love love love it ordering a new one asap worth every penny.Doesn't break you out shows up great.
  • So, I can’t say enough good things about this Jagua and this kit. I am a pale individual with red undertones and henna just doesn’t look flattering on me. The blue/black color of jagua is far better for me. The kit is such a good value. Struggling to get fine lines out of a henna cone is difficult, but the tips and applicator with this kit is so easy and fine lining. This is the best jagua I have tried. I’m on day 4 of the application and it’s still dark blue/black. It was super easy to apply and I didn’t have to mix anything like another kit I used before. I highly recommend this and won’t be buying “black Henna” ever again:)Also, I had bought this like maybe over a year ago and had it for a long time. Even after 1 year in the fridge, it still gave color very well. I recently reordered the same kit and the fresh jagua just stunned me with how much stronger it was. Super happy and grateful that this product exists! ♥️
  • I have been using this product for about a year and loving it. Perfect for someone that loves tattoos but doesn’t want to commit to 1 lifelong design. About every 2 weeks i reapply this gel and the design will look good as new! Plus I get to change as much of it as I want every time. And love its scent too. Highly recommend
  • My 9 year old is obsessed with Henna and bought this kit with her own money. It's SUPER easy to use and I like that its a dark blue/black color instead of the brown. One tip.....the directions say to put it in the fridge. We did this and now our entire fridge smells like the henna AND our ice tastes like henna. I can't get the smell out of the fridge. We have since moved it to our drink fridge and wrapped it in foil to hold in the smell.
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  • 100% natural and safe. No mixing required. Made with jagua fruit extract.
  • This is not henna nor does it contain henna
  • Contains no PPD or any othe toxic materials. Designs last for up to 14 days
  • Over 50 stecil designs included. Makes approximately 15 designs.
  • Squeeze applicator bottle included with 4 interchangeable tips
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