Vibely Mascara, 5x Longer Waterproof Mascara 2 in 1 Lash Cosmetics 4D Silk Mascara, No Clumping, Long-lasting Black Mascara - REVIEW

  • 🍃I can NOT believe how long and lustrous my eyelashes looked after using both the 1 and 2 parts of this cosmetic! One: made my lashes long and stand out beautifully without any clumping. In just a few swipes it both lengthens and separates it the lashes. Two: added more volume, also without clumping. I am sold! LOVE THIS MASCARA.I highly recommend. 👍👍
  • You know when you buy a new make up product and are just praying it’ll work as good as they say? Well this mascara delivers! The heavens opened and magical unicorns came down to bless us with this fabulous product. My sad, small, thin, very blonde eyelashes turned into big dark sexy voluptuous beauties! Will definitely be buying on repeat.
  • I like that this mascara has 2 different settings to apply. You can use one brush for thicker darker mascara or for a more of daytime mascara and it's al.ij one tube.
  • This mascara has 2 steps to it. You apply the first layer which is supposed to add curl and thickness and then the second layer which is supposed to add length. I think this mascara works fairly well but didn’t think it was anything amazing. I don’t feel like the double mascara effect did anything more than just applying a good mascara one time. It doesn’t give a super dramatic effect but did add some length and thickness to my lashes. The waterproof does hold up well. It was easy to remove at night with make up remover.
  • It smells like raid kinda but it works great and no allergies so I’m not asking questions! This works beautifully
  • I really love it until it smudges. It makes your eyelashes look great but it doesn’t stay put.. I
  • I have short thin black lashes so it's safe to say I'm not working with much naturally. This mascara gives my poor lashes of mine a deeper black color and definition. It is easy to apply on my lashes and has great longevity. It doesn't smear once dried. Very easy to remove at the end of the day.
  • I wasn't sure about if this mascara would hold up to the claims, but it does. It helps create great looking lashes that don't smudge easily and it's more waterproof than I had expected. Despite being waterproof and smudgeproof it's still easy to clean off at the end of the day with face wash alone, no need for makeup remover specifically. Definitely will be keeping this product in mind the next time I am in need of mascara.
  • This mascara comes in a tube with two parts.The first part is labeled "step one" and its lengthens your lashes.The second part is labeled "step two" and it makes them thicker.The mascara does a good job of making your lashes appear longer, thicker and darker.It goes on with very few clumps, and stays on all day without smudging or flaking.The price is reasonable too.The only thing I don't like about it is that it's a bit hard to remove.What I've found works best is to go over it with a makeup remover wipe, wait a second, then pull the mascara off gently with my nails, and wipe the residue away with the wipe.I would get this again.
  • This Vibely Mascara has a nice applicaation brush. It helps the mascara go on smoothly without any clumping and it looks nice. I like that this has 2 different settings that I can choose from depending on the look that I want to achieve. Overall, this makes my eyelashes stand out much better than most mascaras do, and I quite pleased.
  • This stuff stayed on through swimming shaer and bed it was really on until I really had to use shampoo on my eyelashes cuz remover wasn't cutting it. So it's waterproof. No clumping and makes my eyelashes look very full n long
  • I like the mascara, it does highlight the eyes fairly well. I'm a little confused on the 2-step process. It does a light coating and then a thicker coating. Personally, I will likely just use the step 2.
  • This mascara is decent. Step one gives you very natural looking lashes. Step two gives you a very dramatic look. I'm not a fan of step two. It seems to get very clumpy easily. Also, wait until step one is dry before doing step two and it will look better. The overall formula is a little thicker than I would like, but it isn't awful.
  • Nice option with two different brushes to control the amount of mascara. Goes on smoothly.Option 1 is all I need! Option 2 is a heavier coverage and I don't need that. Satisfied with this !!
  • Really pleased with the effects on my lashes. When using both brushes, you can notice the dramatic difference. You also have the option of using just step 1 for a natural, everyday look.
  • Works really well at giving my lashes length. Stays on all day without smudging or flaking but did run off in the shower so not sure how water proof it actually is. But overall I would definitely recommend.
  • I love how defining this mascara is. It has two steps, and I like both of them to make my lashes fuller and lengthened. It doesn’t flake and lasts all day. I can use it everyday and for special occasions. Highly recommended.
  • I had no idea what to expect with this mascara, but I must say it is my new favorite.The two step process really works wonders on my eyelashes. I was amazed at how fuller they looked. At first I was afraid it would have some clumping on my lashes, but nope, they look amazing. I love the container it comes in, too. Needless to say I've been carrying this around with me everywhere. This will be what I use from now on.
  • Decent mascara, it enhances pretty well. It takes a few coats. It flakes slightly. But overall a decent mascara.
  • I thought this was going to be like the white fibers then you go over with the black mascara, but both formulas are black. The type with the white fiber never worked for me. This mascara is good because you can layer it and go from day to night. Step one is more natural looking, and step two adds a lot of volume and length to your lashes. I like the really thick wand. It works well for my lashes because they are so sparse and short.
  • My wife just loved the results, she said it make her eyelashes look so much better, it added thickness and length, she said it became her favorite one and highly recommend it, greatvalue!!!
  • Definitely lengthens lashes! Didn’t notice much volume with the 2 brushes so I tried switching with a different mascara first then going over with the 2nd brush and that was a definite go to look. It works really well, not clumpy at all for me and didn’t flake off either.
  • The media could not be loaded. What I like about this mascara is that it is light and the nature isn't clumpy or thick. I want the brush to last long and be easy to remove. Also, a double layer will give you a high-volume look.
  • I have many, many tubes of mascara in my makeup drawer and they are all adequate but this one blew me away. It is a very clever design, providing two wands with separate tubes in one easy-to-store cylinder. The application using the #1 wand gives a natural look that is perfect for casual, everyday wear. The #2 wand layers on top of that to give lashes a thicker, more elegant look. In the photos above I left my left eye naked and applied the two coats as directed. I love the results.I wore this waterproof mascara to the gym on a hot, humid day with no flaking or smearing at all. It's perfect.On a practical level I was pleased to see the expiration date listed as nearly 3 years out so I have lots of time to use this, but I must admit I immediately placed an order for another tube because I want to be sure I never run out. Also at the current price of under $10 and 30% off if you use a coupon, this is a deal not to be missed!
  • I don't care for the Step 2 brush.It's just TOO much mascara, too thick.I have red hair with sparse lashes, so I am always looking for good mascara, but I also don't want to look like Tammy Faye Baker, either.Step 1 is enough for me. It's inexpensive, too. I'd recommend it because it's a good value, but be careful with it.
  • Im obsessing over this mascara it left my lashes looking so thick and long and it is smudge proof. I got so many compliments on my eyes yesterday.
  • Where has this mascara been all my life?I have used so many products that make promises but then don't deliver.This mascara delivers!I have never seen my lashes look so long and pop like this mascara does for me.I applied Step 1 and waited a few minutes before applying Step 2.I am used to applying multiple coats of other mascaras to give me what is usually a clumpy look that is better than my natural lashes but nothing like I want.What I get from 1 coat of each step is EXACTLY what I want.I LOVE this mascara!
  • The two in one works as it should. It lengthens, thickens and took my non existent lashes to front and center. Truly waterproof. I was watching my show that made me cry I forgot I was wearing mascara until I washed my face at night in the shower
  • This worked very nicely for me, it made my eyelashes look much thicker and longer than normal. I splashed water and it did not run, but it did come off very easy with soap.
  • I really like this mascara. It glides on easily and coats my lashes really nicely. It adds length well. I love that it's buildable for a dramatic look without being clumpy. It doesn't smudge like some do. I am able to remove it with my oil based make up remover efficiently.
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  • [PERFECT VIBELY MASCARA] - With Vibely Mascara, beautiful ladies, you no longer need to think about touch-ups. The KUNSHNBEI mascara 5x longer waterproof gives you delicately full, long, thick lashes all day long, super waterproof and long-lasting, no worry about smudging, flaking and clumping with its creamy formula, so you can feel confident every day.
  • [STACKABLE 2 IN 1 MASCARA] - Don't worry about using a thick mascara all the time, 2 different thicknesses black mascara to choose from, a black mascara and an ultra-thin mascara, giving you more options for your beautiful lashes! NOTE: Can use Step 1 as a priority, After you have applied it evenly, then use Step2, to Create perfectly black eyelashes
  • [2 IN1 MASCARA 5X LONGER WATERPROOF] - Keep your lashes looking beautiful all day long with this 5x longer waterproof mascara that keeps your lashes from smudging. Vibely mascara 5x longer washable up to one day of use and no need to reapply
  • [EASY TO APPLY AND REMOVE] - The very soft and smooth mascara will cover all your lashes and the tiny brush will not cause clumping, so no need to worry.
  • [BEST CHOICE IN GIFTS] - Use these 2 in 1 4D silk fiber lash mascara, Small enough to carry around, Perfect for most occasions, Makes a great gift!
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