Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara, Black, 7.2 ml - REVIEW

  • I really like the applicator of this mascara. The thin tip allows you to get close into the lashes by the tear duct that are usually hard to reach. You can layer without clumping for thicker-looking lashes. It lasts a long time, but if I run into moisture during the day, like rain or high humidity, unfortunately it does tend to leave little shavings under my eyes, but since it isn't waterproof that's to be expected. Overall, excellent daily mascara.
  • This is my favourite mascara! I was an avid fan of Benefit's Bad Gal mascara, but the price tag often put me off purchasing it. This mascara does just as good of a job and is far cheaper. I love it so much and will continue to use it.
  • I have tried every mascara on the market and this is by far the best and is very reaonably priced. I just love it. Never clumpy or crumbly it is a fantastic product. You will not be disappointed if you buy it. No need for false eyelashes with this. Excellent
  • I keep coming back to this. It's my favorite mascara but I can't find it in the stores so I order online. It gives a natural but full look to my lashes.
  • Love this mascara! Goes on great, lasts all day with no eye irritation no flaking or smudging. I’ve used some every expensive brands that don’t work half as good as this one.
  • Love this mascara! It goes on smooth, doesn't flake and lasts all day. I ordered this mascara a month ago and there was no brush on the applicator?!
  • I have tired so many mascaras and I always go back to this one, it is the absolute best! No, it doesn't give you the super long or dark/bold lashes like other brands BUT it does not smudge/bleed like all the other ones do (I have oily skin so I'm not sure if that's why so many smudge under my bottom lash (I don't apply mascara on my bottom lash either)).The only thing I do not like is that this product comes open, not in a sealed package (it's already open).
  • This is the BEST mascara I have ever used.I've been wasting my money on others.
  • Have used this brand for about 10 years!As I can only get it on-line, I've tried so many others.This is the best!
  • I am very very very very very picky about mascara. This is a very nice product. Very good price as well. Shipped fast
  • After running out of my $$$ mascara that I bought at Sephora, I grabbed this at my local Target. I am completely IN LOVE with this mascara!It works BETTER than my pricey department store mascara and the brush is AMAZING! It really separates and defines each lash and one coat is all I need for the perfect coverage. The price is good too, it's less than half of what I pay for the stuff from Sephora. I definitely recommend this product.
  • Great mascara. I usually use Smashbox and this one is right up there with it. Easy to apply. Great applicator, and you only need to apply once and it lasts all day. Gives my lashes some nice length and volume. I would definitely consider buying this one.*I received this mascara through Influenster for free testing purposes. All opinions/reviews are my own.
  • Really enjoying this mascara so far! I love the applicator, it makes your lashes big and bold and separated. I will definitely be using this again, it's a great drugstore price as well! I received this from influenster for testing purposes!
  • I received this from Influenster for free to review. Ihave the water resistant mascara and the wand is perfect for the bottom lashes. The wand is a comb like brush which is great to tightline. I really liked it for my bottom lashes.
  • I really liked this mascara ❤️. I'm happy influenster send me this product followed by some other 2 to try|review them. I will buy another ones I hit rock bottom with this mascara 😊.
  • I've been using this mascara for several years. The only mascara that does not be imprinted on my eyelids and crumbles and does not make eyelashes. This is the best mascara for me.
  • I've gone through quite a few different mascaras... Some at $28 and some at $ far this is my favorite one, especially for the price!
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  • 40 ml hand cream
  • It is recommended for daily use
  • Please store in a cool dry place
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