Eyelash Growth Serum and Eyebrow Enhancer - Activate Eyelash Growth to Grow Thicker, Longer Lashes for Eyebrows - REVIEW

  • It came a day early witch is nice, it Is in very good packageing, I would def recommend
  • Everything is just like description.I’m just not sure if it’s working yet I only had it for a few weeks
  • This serum has assisted with keeping my eyebrows full and healthy the more I use it. I have another serum I use on my eyelashes, so I can't speak to how it works for that - but good for brow use. No irritation or residue after applying. Absorbs fairly quickly.
  • My daughter made the fashion mistake of taking off a good chunk of her eyebrows. However when they grew back there are now bare spots.This gel is helping her eye brow hair grow in and look more full. I know its for eye lashes but if you need brow help this works for that too.
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  • GET LONGER & THICKER EYELASHES: Eyelash growth essence has applied advanced formula,. Only after 2 weeks full and dense eyelashes and eyebrows will be seen. You will get the perfect eyelash growth effect!
  • LASH GROWTH WITH THE BEST EYELASH GROWTH SERUM - it works differently to other Serums out there. Rather than conditioning the Lashes and Brows, it stimulates blood flow whilst cleaning and clearing the follicles of blockages. More nutrients means amazing results.
  • NOURISHING & NATURAL INGREDIENTS:The extract from Angelica sinensis that contains rich trace elements,will provide nutrition and moisture for your eyelashes, which will prevent them from falling off and and make your eyelashes look dark, bright and flexible.
  • HOW TO USE: Use Twice daily in the morning and evening. Adhere to the use of our eyelash growth serum and let it become a part of your daily work. Enjoy your beauty even in the busy work.
  • GET LONGER & THICKER EYELASHES: Eyelash Growth Enhancer and Brow Serum gives extra volume even to your eyelash, grow eyelashes faster. No more false lashes needed!As a result the hair follicles will grow and divide again, which will make your eyelashes slender, longer and curlier.
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