Sfx Makeup Special Effects Makeup Kit with Scar Wax (1.6 Oz),Halloween Makeup Fake Blood Gel(1.06Oz),Makeup Spatula,Nude Color Putty,Pink Stipple Sponge Fake Wound Moulding Scars Wax Set - REVIEW

  • My daughter begged me for this kit. I caved and order it. Should have caved sooner. She spends hours making creepy looking wounds on her arms and legs and on her big brother. It has made sheltering at home a little more bearable. Going to have to order more soon.
  • The wax is a bit hard to work with because is very hard wax but you can actually work it with some patience. The blood is amazing and has a very realistic color... for me the wax has 3 stars , the blood has 4 !
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  • LOOK LIKE REAL — This versatile synthetic skin wax is developed as a substitute for traditional Modeling Wax.After multiple color blending, its color is more translucent than traditional skin wax, and it fits and approximates the skin color more closely. It has high softness and can shape finer details. It is the main material for covering and shaping.
  • SCUFFING EFFECT — Dip a proper amount of fake blood ointment on the skin or the skin wax that has been shaped, and then gently scratch it with a pink sponge to create a real abrasion effect. (Hint: Don't apply too much force during use, and don't apply too much blood ointment, otherwise it will cause lumps and lumps, and the imitation of scratches will not be so real.)
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS AND OCCASSIONS — Use this synthetic wax to create cuts, warts, and other molded shapes Prosthetics like eyebrows or create knife, gunshot wounds, bullet wounds, bruises, burns, broken limbs. Have fun on Halloween party, Fancy Dress, Carnivals, Fun Themed Party, Festival or TV program special effects, costume and cosplay, daily prank etc.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED — 1 Makeup Wax (1.16 Oz) + 1 Scab Blood(1.06Oz) + 1 Spatula + 1 Pink Stipple Sponge
  • 【Special Notes】 — 1.Use spatula instead of hand to sculp this wax on skin because the warmness of hand make wax getting softer and softer and harder to sculp. 2.New sponges are relatively hard the first time they are used, but they can become soft after soaking in water.
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