Maybelline Total Temptation Washable Mascara Makeup, Deep Cocoa, 0.27 Fluid Ounce - REVIEW

  • This cor brown looks so fantastic with my brown/blonde hair and blue eyes. It's water resistant and didn't clump up. It lasted all day.It came right off with my makeup remover.
  • Normally a good product but got an old dried up one so it is uselesss.
  • It's a pretty color and smells like coconut oil almost.Not sure how long it lasts or water resistance because I just applied it but it's nice.I got what I wanted it of it. Bought the deep cocoa color
  • I began wearing mascara when I was 16. The Mascara I used every single day was Maybelline. I love all their applicators. I have tried other brands and they just don’t work like Maybelline. I like this brown color. It looks natural and makes me feel pretty. It is easy to remove and Never bothers my eyes. Great product!
  • The color is great but the mascara seems very thick or maybe it was old. Had to add a couple drops of eye makeup remover so it didn’t clump so bad.
  • The media could not be loaded. I like it a lot, the color is a very dark brown. It stays on like a charm and layers nicely. Unfortunately, since I’m transitioning and now identify as a ginger I have found a lighter colored mascara to suit my needs. If you’re blonde I’d recommend the same.
  • It has a nice intense color, is very waterproof. It's also very difficult to remove unless you use eye makeup remover.
  • My hair was brunette (before the gray came along 😄) and this is the perfectshade for my eyelashes.Easy to apply.
  • Happy to have finally found plain old brown mascara. I love this specific mascara with the coconut oil, but have trouble finding brown in stores. There's always blackish brown but never just brown. Here you go! It stays on and doesn't flake throughout the day.
  • I love the dark brown color; less harsh than black or even black brown. I don't wear a ton of eye makeup, I just want a little definition because I'm old, pale, and have dark eyes, so I need lashes.This is, as others have stated, a very gloppy mascara--which when you have long but pale lashes like mine, is why it looks good. Here's my trick: I use those disposable wands to comb it out after application while it is still wet, and use a q tip for any dots above the eyelid. Viola, no clumps.Once it dries, lashes look full and thick and long( because my tips are blond).If you are willing to work with it, it's a nice mascara. But if you are a swipe-and-go girl, there are much better choices.
  • INSANELY difficult to find a pure brown mascara (does anyone sell blonde mascara? i feel like they would have an even worse time with color matching...). Anyway, this stuff is great. I cannot find it in stores near me so I buy it here.
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  • Features a creamy and whipped formula for easy gliding application, it's specially infused with coconut extract and is ophthalmologist tested
  • Total Temptation Volumizing Mascara will help you create soft, separated, and dense lashes for full, bold, and buildable volume
  • Buildable volumizing mascara is designed to coat and separate your lashes for a dense, soft, and full effect
  • Total Temptation Washable Mascara is available in three shades - Blackest Black, Very Black, and Brownish Black
  • The Total Temptation Washable Mascara formula is easily removed with Maybelline Expert Eyes 100 percent Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
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