Mehron Makeup SynWax | Firm Modeling Wax for Special FX | Scar Wax SFX Makeup For Fake Scars, Fake Wounds, & Halloween Effects 10 oz (283 g) - REVIEW

  • This wax is flesh-colored and easy to apply. I use it around my mouth to keep my lipstick and lip liner from bleeding out into the tiny wrinkles around my mouth. It fills them in, too, and makes them much less noticeable. Found this on a tip from a Hollywood make-up artist. (Get a small, stiff brush to apply it.)
  • I really like this stuff. It's hard for me to compare it to other brands because this is the only one I've tried, but I'm not sure I need to bother trying anything else. It's a bit hard to get out of the container, you'll need some sort of spatula, but if your in a bind, a spoon would work fine (I would just set it aside and keep it just for use with your scar wax). Once you get some out, it's fairly easy to work with, just roll it in your hands so the warmth will soften it. This was my first time working with synwax and it was easier than I thought it'd be, especially after reading some reviews. The video I posted with the nails in my hand (They wouldn't Let me post it), only took me about 5 minutes to do. Pretty awesome! I definitely recommend using a tiny amount of lotion when yougo to blend it into your skin, otherwise it can get kind of sticky. I really like this stuff, the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of five is because I think it'd be nice if it came with some sort of instructions for use. It's pretty cool that you can easily change the shape of your nose, face, limbs, etc and for it to look so realistic! You can make some real gnarly scars with stuff and it's lots of fun to play around with!
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  • PROFESSIONAL: Whether you're a professional makeup artist on the set or just looking to create some fun Halloween looks, Mehron’s SynWax is an essential tool in your Special FX makeup kit.
  • SPECIAL EFFECTS: SynWax is a professional synthetic wax used for creating fake scars and wounds in SFX makeup. Perfect for gruesome SFX makeup like cuts, noses, burns, gashes, bites, block eyebrows, and so much more.
  • MULTI-USE: Mehron’s SynWax can be easily manipulated to create custom-shaped scars and wounds that look ultra realistic. It can be used to create custom prosthetics such as ears and horns. It is flexible enough to move with your skin, but firm enough to hold its shape, making it easy to use for Special FX makeup, Halloween, and Cosplay.
  • REALISTIC: SynWax is a firm nose & scar wax to help you create the most realistic Special FX makeup creations including cuts, gashes, and other wounds.
  • ABOUT MEHRON: For over 95 years, Mehron has been an industry-leading, professional makeup company with a passion for inspiring creativity. Mehron’s award-winning cosmetics and special FX products are used in most stage and film performances in Hollywood, on Broadway, and by artists across the globe. Mehron has been trusted by professionals since 1927 for having the highest safety, performance, and quality standards. Mehron products are made in the USA & always cruelty-free.
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