Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Color, Dark Brown, .18 ounces, 12-weeks of long lasting brow color, 3-applications per kit - REVIEW

  • This is the best dye. The color lasts the longest and there isn't an overwhelming smell. The color is also nice and natural, no weird yellow undertones like some other dye. Just be careful when you do the eyelashes because the developer burns if you get it directly in the eye.
  • Great product! I use it to cover up grays. Easy to use with straightforward instructions. A few tips though. If you have thicker brows you may want to leave it on a little longer to make sure it’s dry. Also it’s a good idea to use a newspaper or a few folded over paper towels underneath the cardboard piece so you don’t get any dye on your counter or sink. I also recommend a color keep brow conditioner.
  • Took longer, did both at same time, heavier #1 on long grays as they didn't seem to take through the coloring gell...went fast, some still on my skin underneath which I'm sure will lighten in a few days... but you can see the hairs colored
  • As I've gotten older my eyebrows have thinned out and started to turn gray but this has helped quite a bit.Because your eyebrows frame your face, thin, salt and pepper eyebrows age you.Returning the color to my eyebrows took at least 5 years off my face.I turned 70 today but can easily pass for 55 or younger.Youthful looking eyebrows really contribute to that.
  • left it on a littler longer than i should have but it’s easy to apply. i might come back and update on how long it’s been keeping up and i will be getting in water tomorrow so we’ll see 😊
  • Easy to use and great color produced. Saves me $30 per month to tint my eyebrows at home.
  • I usually use a medium to dark brown tint because it doesnt last long nor get dark enough.the dark brown here is more black on me.I did not take before and after pics. I am fair completed with freckles and reddish-brown hair color and my brows are super light if not colored , this dark brown turned mine black........ definitely wasn't expecting it to that dark. they will fade they always do.super easy to use!!! love that!
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