Milk Makeup Mini KUSH Mascara - 0.13 fl oz - Volumizing Mascara - Soft, Flexible Hold - Vegan, Cruelty Free - REVIEW

  • I got a sample in my ipsy bag and loved it. Super light weight but buildable coverage
  • I’m definitely getting a bigger one next time! This mascara is so good I only need one or two layers and I look like a whole new woman! They make my eyelashes look so full and it separates all the lashes they don’t clump up!
  • Seriously. I've found my forever mascara. I'm in love with this stuff and every time I stray,I come runningback to it.It makes my aging, thin lashes full, thick and amazing. I can even wear it without eyeliner and my eyes still pop. I've even been asked if I was wearing false lashes!The best part is that it washes off with soap and water. No mor oily mess or pulling at lashes to get your mascara off at night. And it doesn't run when you cry. My therapist is amazed. I cry a lot.I'm preaching Milk kUSH Mascara like girl scout cookies. Try it!
  • Looks great, nice size, not as seamless to remove as a true tubular mascara but easy enough!
  • I have the full size for when I'm home, but these are great for travel.I use it over the Lancome cils xl primer, and it's great.Not waterproof but that's fine for me (I just use a decent setting spray).
  • Looks amazing on my lashes. The longest and fullest they’ve probably ever looked with just mascara. But by the afternoon it’s smudged under my eyes.
  • I originally received it from Ipsy and I love my first big mascara so I dicided to by it in Amazon , oh my! Was I disappointed in the size I received. But at the end of the day I love how this mascara pops my lashes.
  • I had gotten a sample of this mascara is a gift bag a year ago. This is the only mascara I will ever use again. It goes on great and doesn’t clump at all.
  • I don't usually spend a lot on makeup. I tried my daughter's MILK mascara and loved it. I saw this .12 oz size which seems very small but a little goes a long way. Plus I'm not an everyday makeup person since working from home. Let me tell you, this mascara is a pleasure to use. No funky smell, not burning my eyes, goes on thick and smooth. Make it thicker with each stroke and no smudging! This is truly my dream mascara!
  • I’m not sure if this is a legitimate Milk account, the packaging is different from the milk kush mascara that I’ve purchased directly from Sephora (the one shown in the picture with the perforations or little loops across the bottle). It could be a different design because of the sizes however I found the formula to work the same as my large authentic Kush Milk Mascara from Sephora. I would recommend this type of mascara and definitely love it with my lashes curled. It has good coverage, easy to avoid lumps
  • So much cheaper buying this here on amazon then trying to catch it on sale at Ulta or Sefora! They have different sizes to for cheaper so you can try it then if you like it get the bigger one.
  • I, like most women have purchased a gazillion different mascaras over my lifetime.I can finally say that I have found a product that doesn't disappoint.There is no clumping after a few weeks and that's probably the most impressive thing about it.The applicating brush does what it needs to be providing a consistent amount of mascara each time!Love, love this product!
  • This mascara quickly became my holy grail after a roommate left behind a brand new tube of it when she moved out.It's super volumizing, but stays soft all day so it's comfortable and you can reapply (you won't need to).My one gripe:The last tube I bought is full size and so far has been clumpy and goopy when applying.From now on, I'll buy the smallest trial size, just more often, as it seems like you get a nicer product this way.I'm not sure if the large size sits on the shelf longer or what.But it's disappointing, for sure, to get that kind of mess -- and at this pricepoint -- from this otherwise amazing mascara.
  • Love this product.A little pricey but I get the length and volume I’m looking for.
  • Some are saying that this product is a fake but it is identical to the sample size I received in my Ipsy bag a couple years back. I really like the brush on this one and the mascara stays on well without being too difficult to remove. Not much goop compared to most!
  • I received a sample of this. It goes on very smooth and doesn't run and there are no flakes
  • Tried this mascara from epsy and fell in love with it! Make my eye lashes seem longer.
  • Never thought I'd say that this price for mascara would be worth it, but here I am telling you to buy this brand. I absolutely love this mascara. I usually don't like new mascaras because there is so much of it that it clumps on. But not this one. It goes on beautifully and full. No clumping. This is now my forever mascara.
  • This is the best mascara I’ve tried. The travel size lasts me a good while so that’s the size I order. I would definitely recommend.
  • Good mascara, it is my #1, I only need one coat maybe 2 andit does volumize and lengthen. Glad I found it for a reasonable price.
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  • Black pigmented mascara that gives you high volume, lifted lashes without drying or stiffening so that lashes look soft all day and night
  • Unique criss crossing bristles catch and coat every lash from root to tip for full, intense coverage
  • Formulated to keep lashes soft while promoting stronger, healthier lashes
  • This product is vegan, clean, cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free, and coal tar-free - minimizing risk of eye irritation
  • Milk Makeup has one simple product philosophy - Use good, effective ingredients. Products are made to be easy-to-use and 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free always.
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