Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara for Stronger, Longer Lashes, Clump-, Smudge- and Flake-Free Mascara with Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Rice Protein, Black 02,.21 oz - REVIEW

  • Finally found a product that works for mysensitive dry eyes! I’ve tried several to no success! So glad to have success! Will buy again!
  • I tried about 4 other mascaras, and neutrogena is by far the best:no blobs of black, not thick, neutrogena is a lighter coating on each eyelash.
  • Not as thickening/lengthening as some, but easy to put on, and my lashes like it.No breakage and they feel softer.
  • I’m definitely a mascara snob! This one is in my top 3 for sure. It is not dramatic, but great for my everyday work look. Goes on without clumps and doesn’t flake off at all! Easy to remove as well.
  • It’s great but it also dries up my lashes…. Yes, my lashes look longer with it but just saying it's kinda hard to get off
  • Goes on easy, lengthens the lashes, minimal clumping and my sensitive eyes so far are not bothered by it.
  • Bonus: Ddnt know it could be so lash thickening off the bat and be so good with contacts and eye irritation.Ive been suffering far too long. Wish I had bought this long long ago!! So good.
  • I’m a huge fan of Neutrogena and this mascara works great. It’s easy to use, the product makes my eyelashes look full and longer. I love the length of the wand brush and the consistency of the product.
  • I had been buying an expensive mail order mascara for mature women and was looking for a healthy one that wasn’t so pricey. I took a chance on this and hoped it would be good to my lashes and live up to its claims and reviews online. So far it has. It instantly grabs my lashes to make them look so much fuller and I haven’t yet seen any clumping or flaking and washes off nicely. Thank you Neutrogena!
  • I tend to have sensitive eyes and have always had trouble wearing mascara. I Purchased this and I’ve been wearing it daily for months. I find that it doesn’t bother me at all. It washes off nicely and goes on smoothly. It is not real clumpy and doesn’t make your eyes look like you have fake lashes. It looks very natural. This will be my go to mascara from here on out.
  • Neutrogena did not disappoint. Smooth and creamy mascara. Easy to apply with the supplied brush.
  • This is a good mascara. I am on my second one. Really extends my lashes
  • This mascara is a good product made by “neutrogena”.It’s easy to apply, smudge proof and leaves one’s lashes silky and smooth.The image is accurate as the tube is the standard size.The color is a soft black.The brush is more than adequate as it allows application without “clumps” or “ sticky “blobs”.The end result are longer looking “natural “ thick eyelashes.This mascara was a bargain and I will definitely purchase it again!
  • I've been purchasing direct from Neutrogena.So happy Amazon carries it.It is not clumpy. Love the metal/wire type brush. Lifts and separates lashes.Great price!
  • I have allergic reactions to many mascaras.This one is great no reactions and it works great.No flaking and it lasts all day.
  • I've used Neutrogena mascaras for years.My eyes are sensitive to eye make-up and are easily irritated.Even though I am 70, I am a blonde and still like wearing mascara.This is a great mascara.
  • Make my eyelashes look so much longer. It doesn't flake which is the most important thing to me. I have bought 4 different mascaras the past few months and this is the only one that doesn't flake. Definitely will order again
  • It really did extend my lashes and it didn't smear? It also lasted all day and I was able to take it off with very little effort.
  • I haven't had much experience with much makeup, but I found this easier to use than the other mascara I tried. It went on easy and was natural looking but noticeable. It isn't water proof, but doesn't smudge too easily and washes off nicely.
  • Seems to bed non irritating and goes on smooth. Will update on day 2 so far easy to remove my lashes feel soft after 2 too 3 coats without the clump look. (Wish I could post a pic but attachment isnt loading right. ) Im hoping this is it because I'd nearly given up on mascara etc as Im seem to bed sensitive to almost everything now allergies aging sensitive eyes.
  • This is the best mascara I have found in the 60 years I have been using mascara. Easy to apply, does not clump, stays on all day. When you are ready to remove it washes off easily with soap and water. Great mascara and reasonably priced. Will be my mascara from now and will recommend to others.
  • Has olive oil as part of the ingredients very healthy for lashes very good product
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  • .21-ounce tube of Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Lash-Lengthening and Strengthening Mascara to help grow your lashes to their fullest potential
  • Formulated with antioxidant vitamin E, rice protein, and olive oil, this mascara nourishes and strengthens for lashes that look up to 100% longer with a formula that won't clump, smudge, or flake
  • On the outside, the soft-bristle brush combs through every lash from root to tip, smoothly applying antioxidant-rich color for outstanding definition and intensity while the formula of this eye makeup helps extend and strengthen lashes from inside
  • This dermatologist- & ophthalmologist-tested brand is safe and gentle for people with sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers for use in part of a regular makeup routine
  • Easily remove this lash-lengthening mascara with the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover or soap & water
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