Glow in The Dark Body Face Glitter Gel for Women, 12 Colors Glitter Gel Makeup Chunky Fine Glitter, UV Black Light Glitter for Body/Face/Hair/Eyeshadow, Glitter for Carnival Party(Not Loose Glitter) - REVIEW

  • Bought and used this glitter for a Mud obstacle course event and wow was it impressive! Not only was it super cute but also durable. Myself and 2 friends were literally covered in mud but the glitter didn’t budge! It held strong on our arms, faces, hair and even some still on our clothes! Washed my hair three times after and still found some glitter pieces. Wish we could have witnessed it at night or under a black light. 10/10 recommend.
  • This is so cute and so many colors to chooseFrom! Bought for a glow party and loved it
  • I wish it would transfer on more easily without sticking to my fingers, or included more makeup sticks to use with each product.
  • These are sooooo freaking cool! I was actually expecting them to be loose glitters, but they’re actually almost like a paste which is cool cause you don’t NEED glitter glue, but it wouldn’t hurt to use glitter glue under it! & they all glow soooo freaking bright I’m obsessed! Got soooo many compliments at the rave!
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  • Glow in the dark glitter: Our glow glitter provides your a bright luminance glowing effect after absorbing light, perfect glow in the dark party supplies, UV party supplies. Suitable for nights dancing parties, festivals, clubs, parties, raves, costumes, themed parties and so on.
  • Glow body and face glitter: Self-adhesive, easy and suitable for use on the face or skin. You can use these for face, body, eyes, glitter eyeshadow, cheekbone highlights, collarbones decoration, glitter hair and nail art. Mix and match to show your charm. Comes in 12 Jars(3.5g of each jar). Vibrant colors, holographic shine.
  • UV black light glitter: If you are searching for something for UV Party, this is the one you need. It can show an excellent glowing effect under UV light. Catching light from all angles, keep glowing and making you stand out in the crowd!
  • Easy to apply and remove: These glitters are glitter makeup gel that is sticky, no primers or adhesives are required. Just simply apply and rub it on your skin and it will stick right on. It dries quickly, lasts all day, and removes easily. To remove, you can use a makeup remover wipe, or washing it with water is another easy way for you to remove them.
  • Important: Please note these glow in the dark glitter need to be charged by exposure to light to produce a glowing effect. This means they will charge when held up to a lamp or exposed to the sun. Artificial visible light can charge these glitters too, but it's much more slowly. The Best way and fastest way to charge these glitters are with a UV black light.
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