Neutrogena Precision Liquid Eyeliner with Honey & Coconut, Hypoallergenic, Smudge- & Water-Resistant Eyeliner Makeup for Precise Application, Jet Black, 0.013 fl. oz - REVIEW

  • Quality. I can have skin and eye sensitivity to makeup and I have no issues with this product. No itchy eyes or skin around the eyes. It goes on smoothly. Good brush for control. As with anyone with sensitivity issues, recommend to always wash it off every night and do not sleep with it on - although I have slept with it on occasionally with no problem. I am a regular Amazon subscriber for this item.
  • This vendor in particular, provided a product that was not dry and old, it was easy to apply with a very thin and precise brush, it allows you to correct any small mistakes with a Q tip, and even though it one lasts one day on your eyelids, I really like it.
  • This arrived last week and I used it for the first time in the morning, not knowing that it would be one of the only things keeping me feeling human while i spent the next week in the hospital.A few hours after applying it I wound up falling off a horse and breaking 2 bones in my spine and let me tell you, this eyeliner lasted through hours upon hours of crying and tears as I went from the ER of one hospital to a trauma center at another and then learning the news of my impending spine break and future surgery. A few nurses even complimented my eyeliner and some even asked if I had applied it since arriving at the ER- I wish I'd been in less pain to do a touch up but nope this eyeliner just legit lasted in a forever wing.Overall this badass eyeliner lasted through over 10 hours of literal back breaking pain. I would have totally reapplied it if I could have but it wasn't a priority at the time, but I can guarantee I'm a fan for life and i'll never switch from this brand after this first try. I absolutely recommend it but *don't* recommend the breaking your back part.
  • I have extremely sensitive eyes and this product is the only product that doesn’t make my eye tear. Also every liner I have used somehow comes off during the day since my skin is oily but this one stays so for me it’s a miracle liner.
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  • Neutrogena Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black is highly pigmented, and water resistant for solid, defined lash lines that won't crack or melt
  • Precise eyeliner smoothly glides on quick and easy, offering effortless application of sharp, clean, dramatic lines
  • Formulated with natural honey and coconut, the smudge resistant eyeliner is quick drying and long lasting so it doesn't fade or flake
  • This black eye makeup is also hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive eyes for comfortable application and lines that won't run
  • The easy to use applicator of this liquid eyeliner does not fray and provides an even line in just one stroke
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