Nikka Notto Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof Pen“Nude Look”, Satin Brown (Mom's Choice Award® Winner 2023) 3x More Liquid 0.070Fl.oz - REVIEW

  • This is the easiest eyeliner to control the lines for thick or thin eyeliner looks, and it even makes it easy for me to do a little cat-eye look.
  • I love this eyeliner so much. It takes a minute to dry and sometimes you need to shake the ink down to the tip (MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS CAREFULLY WITH THE CAP ON! OR YOU WILL END UP WITH INK ALL OVER!) - I shake it down and kind of tap that end with cap on on my hand somewhere lightly before I open each time to get a perfect amount of ink on the tip before I do my eyeliner. Works perfectly. Otherwise, I have to add a couple layers.Highly recommend and will buy again and again! I love all the colors. 💖
  • It is easy to use and it’s smooth like butter. Have to wait a couple minutes for it to dry. It also looks natural on me since I’m a redhead. So that’s a plus. Red Head Approved. Lol.
  • these liners are soft and easy to useand the colors are great and don’t flake or fade
  • I have worn eyeliner since I was old enough to wear makeup, and this is one of my favorites! Great colors, CHEAP price, EASY to use, even if my hands are not as steady as they were when I was young!TRY these, you won't be sorry!Cindy
  • Awesome long lasting waterproof eyeliners.Better than any other brand I have tried.Second time ordering.Highly recommend.
  • Beautiful vibrant colors and perfect nib for cat eye, but it does not have much staying power... Tends to rub off really easily. Still great for the price.
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  • ★Indulge in the luxury of NIKKA NOTTO's Liquid Eyeliner in long-lasting walnut BROWN. This eye liner ensures all-day wear, providing precision and durability. Achieve a natural and youthful "Innocent Look" for any occasion whether you're embarking on an overseas trip or simply going to work. For optimal results, ensure to clean your eyelid before use and apply with a base to avoid contact with skin oils. Is great for a daily discrete use.
  • ★Our QUICK-DRY Liquid Eyeliner (10sec.) is the epitome of efficiency, specifically designed for the modern, busy woman. With a dry time of just 10 seconds, this eyeliner allows you to effortlessly deposit the perfect amount of color with minimal effort. It's AUTOMATIC PRECISION is unmatched, as the slightest pressure from the brush results in the most precise line. The fast and smooth application ensures that you are always ready to face the day with confidence and style.
  • ★This WATERPROOF Liquid Eyeliner is the solution for the on-the-go individual. This eyeliner is specifically designed to withstand even the most rigorous of activities, allowing you to confidently take a quick shower at the office or swim at the gym without the need for retouching your makeup. We recommend waiting 1 hour before exposing the eyeliner to water for optimal results. This eyeliner is considered as the best waterproof liquid eyeliner, ensuring that your look stays put all day long.
  • ★Our SMUDGE-FREE Express brown liquid liner is an AUTOMATIC PEN that boasts high precision with a flexible brush tip capable of easily creating lines of varying thicknesses. It’s formulated to be smudge-free and RESISTANT TO WRINKLES, ensuring that your look stays flawless all day. Whether you're shedding tears, using eye drops, or simply catching some shut-eye, this eyeliner will stay put and maintain its precision.
  • ★ Achieve a subtle and natural look with our LIGHT BROWN liquid eyeliner. Shake the tube well with the METAL BALL provided inside the tube, before use, to ensure the color is fully saturated. It remains active for 2/3 months after the first use. PARABEN-FREE: This eyeliner is formulated with safe ingredients, and no allergies have been reported. However, if you experience redness or itching, discontinue use and seek medical advice.
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