Pacifica Beauty, Animal Magic Eye Shadow Palette, 28 Eyeshadow Shades, Mineral Eyeshadow, Matte, Shimmer and Glitter Mica Shades, Vitamin E, Made from 100% Recyclable Paper, Vegan and Cruelty Free - REVIEW

  • My children wanted to try eye makeup and I hesitated because of the ingredients in most brands. I trust Pacifica ingredients, and this color palette was so pretty and the names are after animals with fun origami animal shapes on the back - perfect for my animal-loving kids! They can experiment with it on their own, and come up with pretty combinations. The like to tell me "I'm wearing Tiger and Hummingbird" - so cute.I've also worn it and I have sensitive skin - it's the only eye shadow that hasn't bothered my skin and eyes!
  • I love it , it has so many colors that go on and come off easily. Nice pigment.
  • As someone who loves rare beauty & eco friendly products, I LOVE!!!! The price and quality are amazing. I have only positive things to say! This has become my favorite eyeshadow palette. The colors are absolutely stunning. It’s buttery soft. I hope they keep making this specific palette from Pacifica because the colors in it are not comparable to anything else!
  • Without prejudice, if you’re someone prone to anxious worry or do in fact have anxiety then you’re statistically more likely to dwell on negative or potentially negative details. I am on the other end of the spectrum but I do care about making the best choices for myself and family, not harming animals, reducing plastic and over consumption in general, and I will say I have liked Pacifica (in spite of having pot leaves on some products that you can’t just pull out at a PTA meeting… or maybe you can who knows). They generally wear well, go on easily, blend well, and look even and natural on aging pale skin. They also come in wild fun colors if that’s your jam and I bought this for my daughter. I’m also confidentit won’t bother her skin or eyes.Now, Pacifica states it does not SELL in China or any country that requires animal testing. Being manufactured in China but not sold in China is the key really that protects the cruelty free status prior to 2023 because only beauty products manufactured AND sold in China required testing. Pacifica could have reasonably been exempted and it might not have been and is outright lying depending on what type of neurodivergent perspective you bring to the table, but I choose the former. Also as of 2023, China no longer has this requirement so enjoy!!!
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  • 28 Mineral shade palette
  • Matte, reflective & shimmer eye shadows
  • Formulated without talc, parabens, phthalates or mineral oil
  • Window film slides out from the top for easy recycling!
  • Twenty-eight animal-inspired magical, talc-free eyeshadows to help make your pretty eyes roar.
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