Scar Wax Kit, RNEKFA 5 PCS SFX Makeup Kit, Halloween SFX Special Effects Makeup Kit with Fake Blood, Makeup Wax, Black Stipple Sponge, Spatula Tool and Elf Ears for Cosplay Halloween Party Stage - REVIEW

  • It super easy to use and great for beginners. The red stuff can stain clothes, and has a very sweet syrup smell to it.
  • I used a layer of latex on my neck first. Then I rolled “worms” of wax and added wax above and below the gash. It did not always stick, so took several tries. After I applied the blood, it was too uniformly bright red, so I brushed on some black paint in some places in the gash and that did the trick. The blood darkened some as it dried. The blood runs for longer than I expected, so I used a blow dryer on it to speed the process. Removal was pretty easy, since I had the under layer of latex. The blood did stain my skin a little bit where there was no latex. I think the stain will be gone after a day.
  • I bought these for my niece for Christmas and my sister has to beg her to take the ears off. They go on easily by slipping over the ear and she says they are very comfortable.
  • This was for my daughter who is learning how to do cosplay with makeup and all those things.. she LOVES this kit it’s what she wanted so Christmas was a blast for her
  • My daughter wore the elf ears all day and they stayed on very well. We haven't used the makeup, but it seems fine.
  • We wound up doing something else since it was difficult to use. Definitely not for an amateur
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  • 【Create Natural-looking Halloween SFX Makeup】 Scar wax kit specially designed for Halloween cosplay SFX makeup effects, like scars cuts, scrapes, scabs fake skin. Use scar wax kit can be manipulated to create gruesome and realistic Halloween special makeup effects. </p>
  • 【Safe & Non-Toxic Ingredients】Our sfx makeup kit is made of safe, non-toxic and skin-friendly materials. You can use it on your face and body with peace of mind. The skin wax is flexible enough to form cuts and other molded shapes you want. The fake blood can be safely used in and around the mouth.</p>
  • 【Easy to Use 】This Halloween makeup kit is easy to make SFX makeup effect. Use a spatula to take some scar wax, apply it and mold it to your desired shape, then you could cut a hole, dap some blood paste on stipple sponge and fill with blood gel to create cuts, warts, and other molded shapes for character makeup.</p>
  • 【Perfect for Halloween Party】Our sfx scar wax kit with multiple uses. Suitable for Halloween Costume, cosplay, Halloween party, Fancy Dress, clowns, carnivals, festivals, stage performance or daily prank etc, great for special effects like zombies, bullet holes, a broken nose, finger or any body makeup art.</p>
  • 【Package Included】1x 30g (1.06 oz) Halloween makeup modeling scar wax + 1x 30g(1.06 Oz) Halloween makeup Coagulated fake Blood Gel + 1x Halloween makeup black Stipple Sponge + 1x Double-ended Halloween makeup Spatula Tool + 1x Halloween makeup Elf Ears.</p>
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