Palladio Brow Pencil & Brush for Eyebrows, Taupe - REVIEW

  • This brow pencil went on easily.I liked the taupe color because it wasn't harsh and looked very natural.Halfway through the day, it seemed to smudge easily.
  • I like the color.It lasts a lot longer than other products I tried.My only complaint it's a little difficult to sharpen.
  • This pencil is exactly what I wanted.Color is perfect for me, my hair is white, but not a silver white and now my brows look more natural.Will order again when needed.
  • Application is ultra smooth, even, fast and both very precise in fine detail and great in broad coverage.The brush is perfect for blending without getting color in the wrong place or scraping the brow.At the end of the day, color is still in the right place without having spread or collected in pores or follicles.I have a box of brow pencils that I have tried over the years and tossed because they just don't work.I kept them because they were expensive and were promised to do things I thought I might get them to do one day.In frustration, I turned to dyeing my brows.I gave that up recently because it is a mess and because I have to do it at least a day or two before appearing in public in case the dye needs to wear off where it has gone out of bounds.The next idea was to stop doing my brows altogether but I found that it made me look and feel washed out.I make character dolls and know that the brows are the single most important feature of the character.A tiny alteration in shape changes the whole face and personality, brings out or ruins the beauty, adds interest or makes the whole character bland.It is true for real people, too.I found that even on days when I am at home doing chores and don't wear makeup, if I at least do my brows I approve of the glimpses I get of myself in the mirror and don't avoid a neighbor or delivery person from seeing me.I spent a lot of time looking at new brow products on Amazon and being grateful for the reviewers who took time to explain their experiences with products.Don't let the low price fool you.This is a great pencil.It is just a pencil and your brows are just brows, I get it, but if you have a fast and reliable way to get the exact results you want and the results last, and all for a low price, why not?I got the taupe color, which is lighter than I normally use.I thought that if the pencil was disappointing, perhaps I could use it as a base for a darker pencil of another brand.The taupe color works beautifully.It is very natural and actually slightly reddish, which goes with my hair color.I was surprised at how pleasant the application is, no struggle, and how it endured my day of messy gardening in the hot sun.
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  • Use pencil end to create tiny, hair-like lines to fill in brows
  • Used attached brush to soften pencil strokes
  • Gives brows a natural appearance
  • *Palladio does not test its products or any of its ingredients on animals
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