QUEWEL Lash Clusters 320Pcs Cluster Lashes 40D D Curl Lash Clusters Mix9-16mm Individual Eyelashes Clusters Wispy DIY Eyelash Extension Thin Band Soft to Use at Home (40D D Mix9-16) - REVIEW

  • this is definitely a good beginner friendly if you’re tryin to learn how to do your own lashes.
  • These are great. Normally dont use up to 16 in but I might try these. Just wish they would stay curled up more. Falscara with these made it through the waterpark! Will buy again
  • These lashes are amazing! There are sooo many i dont feel the need to reuse them like i do with other lash packs, they last so long, and dont irritate my eyes at all. Go get these!! So much better than extensions and cheap too!
  • Coming from a Licensed lash stylist, these are a great go to. They aren’t heavy and they are not hard. Comes with a lot so you can create different last looks.
  • Honestly it’s a great amount of clusters for a cheap price. They’re great quality as well! I highly recommend these lashes especially if you do the subscription for the lashes. But they didn’t come with no tweezers or glue just the lashes.
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  • 【320pcs Extra Large Lash Clusters Tray】320PCS cluster lashes, super affordable! We offer various options of eyelash clusters lengths: one ranges from 9mm to 16mm, or you can choose to mix 12-18mm, curls include C and D, and there are also have 10D,20D,30D,40D,50D,10D+20D, 20D+30D, 30D+40D, 40D+50D. A variety of styles can give you a better choice.
  • 【Do Not Fall Apart】Lash clusters won't have roots spread out and fall off during the process of use and can keep the makeup long-lasting, the DIY lash clusters are skin-friendly, comfortable to use will not damage your natural lashes even for a long time.
  • 【Easy to Remove Cluster Lashes】If you find it difficult to remove lashes clusters when using other products, then you might as well give this product a try. We have improved the design of the lash tray so that one side of the lash tray does not touch your wrist, making it more convenient for you to remove the individual lashes cluster.
  • 【Soft & Natural, More Realistic】Quality material, to make the cluster eyelash extensions more realistic like your own lashes, soft and lightweight, 100% handmade and cruelty-free. The stable curl with good retention completely blends with your real eyelashes, which makes the lash cluster looks natural when you wear it, showing a more confident self.
  • 【DIY Lash Extensions at Home】You can use the DIY lash cluster easily by yourself at home. The lash extension clusters are easy to apply, and only need 5-10 minutes you can achieve the perfect look you want, suitable for work, dating, and party wear.
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