Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Perfect Strokes Mascara trial size - REVIEW

  • This came very highly recommend on social media.I was pleasantly surprised.It's a really great product.I absolutely love the wand.It's an old school wand unlike the new little rubber teeth wands.This is small and pricey but in my opinion well worth it. Happy with this product and arrived very quickly!
  • it's so amazing I feel like I'm going to fly away BUT it's so small I've never seen a mascara this small
  • I've used thus brand before.Amazing results but product is not full size yet cost the same.
  • I love this mascara, but this is the small tube for this price! Beware! It’s expensive! Just know what you are getting!
  • I know trendy TikTok items don't usually live up to their hype but this one does. Really nice extending mascara that's easy to take off and doesn't make your lashes sticky. Will repurchase a full size when I'm out.
  • Now did I think because of the price I was getting full size? Yes, yes I did. Did I? Nope. I've been wanting to try this mascara and so I finally ordered it. It's amazing. I've tried mascara after mascara and none of them done what I wanted which was volume and length without looking like I had a spiders legs for lashes. This didn't take coat after coat to achieve. Just 3 coats and I was satisfied. This is definitely worth tossing all of my other mascara's in the trash. Seriously, Selena you hit this one out of the park!
  • Had to re-stock but didn't realize how small this was! Still great but it's tiny and the brush is still a normal size. Made it difficult to put on. Get the original size lol
  • I absolutely love this mascara! It’s so lightweight but does the job well. I lol and feel like I had my lashes done but it’s just this mascara! Can’t wait to try out other rare beauty products !
  • This mascara is amazing! I’m more of a lengthening mascara. This does both lengthen and the volume is amazing.
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  • To volumize fine/sparse lashes: -Starting at the lash base, pull mascara through to tips. -Layer until you achieve your desired effect. To lift and curl straight/downward-facing lashes: -Wiggle brush at your lash base, making sure to build volume there so your lashes hold curl (aren’t weighed down). -Sweep brush forward and upward for definition through tips. -Remember not to apply too much to the tips so your lashes hold their curl.
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