Grande Cosmetics GrandeMASCARA Conditioning, Black, 0.20 Ounce (Pack of 1) - REVIEW

  • So I’m a mascara fanatic. I’ve tried them all. So many of the highly rated ones seem clumpy to me, or blink off under my eyes. I didn’t really have high hopes for this, but I do like Grande MD’s lash serum and I really wanted to try a mascara with castor oil to help my skimpy lashes grow. I was so happy that this mascara lifts, defines, and separates. It stays put. I did notice a little smearing under the eyes on a very hot, sticky, humid VA day when I was outside a lot, but that’s an extreme test for any mascara and likely requires waterproof. I’m using this along with the serum and literally see a visible difference in lash length in just a few weeks. Very happy with this product.
  • Picky.and I like this mascara. You know when you buy the ones that say oh extra lanes 98% land blah blah blah and then you put it on and it’s like OK where is the length? Well you don’t have to ask this question but this mascara because it does do a great job my eyelashes a bit falling out and I’ve been throwing them back and it’s nice to have some thing that you can just put on and it actually works thumbs up.
  • Ok, I'm impressed.Literally every single mascara I have ever tried (and I've tried everything from name brand, high end to drug store to waterproof to "won't smudge!"...and combinations of everything in between) has always left me looking like hangover Barbie by the end of the day.I bought this as a travel size on sale and I wasn't expecting anything but the usual result. IT DOESN'T SMUDGE!! I don't have raccoon eyes at the end of the day! I don't look like I've been crying with mascara under my eyes! It's wonderful!!
  • This creates long lashes! I paired it with the Grande mascara lash primer and I will be purchasing both again!
  • I have tried a million different mascaras and this is definitely one of my current favorites! Lengthens and thickens well and I feel like my lashes stay soft all day. Easy to take off as well.
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