Revlon Pencil Eyeliner, So Fierce Vinyl Eye Makeup, Waterproof, Smooth Gliding, Longwearing with Shiny Vinyl Finish, 860 Midnight Mystery, 0.042 Oz - REVIEW

  • The product goes on and stays on great; Very smooth delivery and good retention without coming off in hot weather, nor smudging! That is a must for me! The issue is whatsharpener to use with this,once it wears down? I do not see any self sharpener on the pencil, and no information about how to sharpen this, on the package. I had previously purchased a vinyl pencil by another company that also wrnt on smoothly like this. When I went to sharpen it with my make- up sharpener it was a solid mess, like other reviewers mentioned here. One review said to just twist it up, but this is not like those mechanical pencils with the lead and a twisting motion. This does not have that same feature. I have not sharpened this yet, as I just bought it. So what, if any,vsharpener is going to work with this?? I'm thinking there is none, and this is not built to be what's the deal?People spend money on this, get aggravated after trying to sharpen it, and just grumble and ditch this, and look for something else, which is what I recall having done?? Does anyone else understand what I'm saying here? Has anyone found a sharpener that works with this item? Thirdly, is there a way to contact Revlon to find out if there is, in fact, a straight answer about whether there actually is a sharpener for this item, either located on the product or one they have designed to work with this item? If so, I'll be singing its praises to anyone looking for a good eye liner thst can be sharpened. If there is no real way to sharpen this, well then, shame on Revlon for either purposely omitting this important feature or not having the brain power to have included this "must have" feature for people who sincerely want to use their products, by not figuring this important feature in the design!
  • This eyeliner goes on so smoothly and STAYS on until I decide to remove it! It's self-sharpening, so just twist it up and no need for a sharpener. Love it! Love the quality and price!
  • This glides on smoothly and easy to blend. Does not smudge or bleed onto my lower lids. The pencil material is easy to use with acosmetic pencil sharpener.
  • I have searched forever for a wine red eyeliner like this and they always end up purple! This is true burgundy and gorgeous. Goes on perfectly and doesn’t really smear. Very smooth and not light like some that you can barely see. I did a water test and it stayed true.
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  • Smooth gliding, waterproof gel pencil eyeliner creates a shiny vinyl finish
  • Longwearing gel formula wears for up to 16 hours
  • Available in a variety of shades from everyday staples to the key trend shades of the season, you can collect them all to mix and match and create a multitude of daring, fierce eye looks
  • Modern, elevated packaging features a vinyl finish and unique tinted black cap
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