Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara, Black, 1 Tube (16ml) - REVIEW

  • I use this in-between coloring and you would never know.... a matter of fact, my friends do not know.
  • Initially I bought this in Switzerland and I loved it so much the brush is so accurate and cover the grey hair in front.I was so amazed to find it on amazone I ordered directly 2This is best product for grey hair covering mascara ever I have tried all what is on the market nothing worked as good. Color stay even after the gym «sweat « I recommendCarole
  • At 53, I haven’t been forced to color my hair. This does the job around the edges just fine.
  • This works very well. Super easy to cover even a large amount of roots and not as messy as a spray.
  • I don't often write a review on a product. However this covers hair so perfectly and easy it is exciting. I have used the powder and the spray. This is so much better I can't believe it!I am so very pleased with this hair mascara that I am actually ordering some to give my friends so they can have what I would call a rewarding experience. Please, please, please try it!
  • It said the color would be copper (which is what I needed) but instead it's closer to red/auburn.I tried it a little (had to).Thank you for the refund though.
  • I love this, it's the perfect shade of red/orange. It gives you great control on where/how to cover your roots. Don't get too crazy with it, because it will smear/run if you over apply. And don't try it on your eyebrows like I did. You'll end up with it all over your face. LOL
  • I was hoping for a bit more coverage but overall it's much better than what I've been trying. It dries soft (unlike real mascara) but gets on my fingers if I touch it later on. That makes me worry about getting it on my face without knowing it! I have to slide it across my hair a few times in order for it to get covered well enough. It doesn't get all of the gray hair at my temples...more like 90%, so I guess that looks more natural. Tried 2 gray hairs on my eyebrows and it worked. Though, I'm afraid to touch my eyebrows now for fear of smearing.
  • I have color resistant gray hair around facial hairline. This product is quick and easy to cover the gray. Looks amazing!
  • I used it to thick the front thin hairline while growing my hair, amazingly it did a great job!If you sweat allot it doesn’t go of the hair if you don’t touch it, but of course its now water proof and better keep it dry.Great temporary solution
  • Not only for whitehair. Also give thickness look to thin hair. Color gently the skin also so if you have boldness issues it cover it...Perfect
  • I used this product occasionally before going out just to cover the gray hairs in front of my head.This product perfectly covers them and is very easy to use.Just don't touch the covered area until you wash them out.
  • This works better for precise application than powders in my opinion and it went on quicker and it looks natural. I wish it were waterproof however because I got caught in the rain and some dripped onto my forehead. Definitely also use on clean hair (doesn't adhere as well when not clean)
  • I am almost at the point where I should color my hair, but not yet, what I do need is something to cover the area by my ears and this product is easy to use, works so well and I am so glad I found it!! The price I got it for was unbelievable and it had only come in my color dark brown/black. I felt so lucky. I use it to camouflage the gray and it covers it enough to give me the look I want. It doesn't have to fully cover; I love how it looks so natural.
  • It's practical for use around the face where you can really get into the roots. That's where I tend to use this. For roots in other areas I prefer the spray type by another brand so these two complement each other.
  • I have some gray hairs in my temples that I like to touch up between trips to the hairdresser for highlites.I have been using the dark blonde for a few years but decided to try the light brown.The dark blonde is a better colour for me.
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  • One wash temporary grey cover-up with optimal grey coverage for naturally looking color
  • Quick and precise application: precise applicator allowing to target exactly the greys you want on strands and roots
  • Fast drying for quick on-the-go application
  • Best for keeping color longer between in-home or in-salon coloration
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