Velour Lashes Pretty Big Deal Lash Boosting Mascara with Peptides - Effective 3-in-1 Tubing Mascara, Lash Protector, and Enhancement Serum to Nourish Eyelashes - Premium Luxury Beauty Products - REVIEW

  • Now let’s be honest here. The MOST annoying part about wearing mascara is taking it off. Now I don’t care if the mascara is amazing, if I can’t get it off easily then the benefits are not worth it. This mascara is a game changer!!! I wish I knew the taking mascara off can be SO quick and easy years ago. Just wash and go. No black stains under your eyes! NEVER! You can even just use warm water and it comes right off!! That being said, it never comes off during the day. Like not even a tap bit. Now tell me how that’s not the best combo ever? Trust me you’ll never go back to another mascara after this one. Just give it a try and enjoy never having to worry about panda eyes again!
  • I bought this based on the reviews and I'm obsessed.I have little to no lashes and love how smooth this goes on.You don't need to apply ten layers to get color.It was magic for my short stubby stick straight eyelashes.
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  • It’s a Pretty Big Deal: Lengthen and strengthen your lashes with the Pretty Big Deal Peptide Lash Growth Mascara from Velour! A clinically-tested, essential mascara, this mascara is designed to help promote and enhance natural lashes.
  • Effective and Tested: In a 4-week clinical trial with 35 participants, 97% said lashes appeared noticeably longer, and 84% saw stronger lashes after using these mascara tubes. 91% saw visibly lifted lashes, and 99% said product was non-irritating.
  • Innovative Formula: Infused with an amazing lash enhancement serum boasting a potent cocktail of peptides, this 3-in-1 castor oil mascara is designed to strengthen, lengthen and protect your lashes. It will help nourish and maximize lash health.
  • Protect Your Lashes: Our eye lash boost mascara tube has been ophthalmologist tested to protect your lashes. It has an ultra-black formula that shields lashes from environmental damage - combining beauty and care for dramatic results.
  • Velour Beauty: At Velour, we are lash lovers - our mascara beauty products are made with the finest materials designed for comfort. Velour is a one-stop solution that completes any makeup look, whether you wear them naturally or glam them up.
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