essence | Lash Princess Volume Mascara | Cruelty Free | Black (Pack of 3) - REVIEW

  • My daughters and I LOVE this stuff. I have now purchased 3 varieties of the brand and we are completely satisfied with each type. And you can't beat the price.
  • My mom gave me this mascara a while ago and now it’s all I use. It curls the lash as well as giving volume and thickness, (but not too thick so they look chunky.) I was using a very expensive mascara before this and I believe this one gives me better looking lashes. I recommend it to all my friends!
  • I love this mascara! My granddaughter told me about it when she saw how frustrated I was with the mascara I was using. My lashes have never looked longer or fuller. The packaging makes it so easy to use with its curvy shape and it’s really cute, too! I highly recommend it for all ages.
  • Best eyelash mascara, it goes on stay on and make sure lashes look longer with no effort
  • Great mascara its now my go to ! You can not beat the price !!
  • So I heard of this mascara from a few makeup artists on tik tok.Their lashes were super long and looked amazing.So naturally I HAD to try it.Well my lashes didn’t look as great as theirs (and im a makeup artist as well) but it was ok.Many many women love this mascara but I cant say it was the best I ever used.It is good and worth trying for sure.It just didn’t build on my lashes as I expected.I do highly recommend you should try it for yourself.Like I said, many love it and you may as well.
  • This mascara adds volume and length to my thinning lashes. Would be a 5 star but does flake some with my contacts. Most notably when removing at end of day. But great coverage and look with this brand.
  • This brand of mascaras is easily my favorite. I have tried all brands in every price point and still come back to this one. Fantastic product!
  • Feel like I’m losing my eyebrows as I get older, but you can’t see that when I’m using this mascara!
  • This mascara is so smooth and easy to apply. It works so well with only 1 application. My lashes look so long! I love it!
  • I like the mascara, but not crazy about the shape of the wand/brush.It doesn't seem to separate the lashes like the same brand with a single curve wand/brush.
  • I'm a little bit spoiled because my first purchase from this brand was the purple one, which was $4.99. It did a fantastic job lengthening AND volumizing. When I went back to reorder it had gone up to $14.99 for a single tube! So, I decided to try this one since it's from the same brand. It doesn't lengthen as well, but the volume is good.I have to scrape off most of the product to avoid many lashes clumping together, but with a mostly dry brush it goes on well. I like the brush shape, which allows me to place it at the base of the lashes and wiggle and spin it a little as I pull the brush up the length of the lash. Brushes that are a curve make that a lot harder. I'm able to catch every lash in the inside and outside corners with this brush shape.It does flake a bit, and smudges a bit when I work out, but I work out hard and sweat a lot, so some smudging is to be expected from a non-waterproof mascara. It certainly doesn't run down my face or anything. On hot days, it can smudge my upper lids, so I just watch out for that and touch up as needed. I know it's a no-no but I dont use a remover - I just rub my eyes gently in the shower water and it comes off easily.All in all, I'm happy with this product.
  • This is the BEST mascara for the money! Each time I reorder I am always amazed at the price of this mascara. Not only is it inexpensive it is also a great product!It goes on smoothly and lengthens the lashes immensely. I have use both non waterproof as well as waterproof! They both do their job perfectly!
  • Collage is with, other is without. (Ignore my dry eyes. Nothing to do with the mascara.)
  • So far so good! This product goes on smoothly and lasts all day.I've been looking for a new mascara for a while,complimentary to an older woman. This works fine for me. I would recommend.
  • I’m forever sold on this. It makes my lashes look long and beautiful. It doesn’t clump up either. This is a keeper for me.
  • The media could not be loaded. Lol i stick to this mascara it’s the only one i use. I apply the green one first for a base and then use the pink or orange one after. My mom introduced me to it
  • This is a great product at a great price - No issues with clumping or that "heavy" look.Makes lashes look longer naturally.Love this product and highly recommend!
  • I’ve tried all the different kinds of this brand and this one is by far the best for me. Always my go-to mascara!
  • Overall this is a good pick compared to the other name brand mascaras out there. This mascara makes your lashes long without clumping up.The price is great when thinking about the quality of this mascara.Although I like this mascara, the best option I have tried from this company is their teal bottle.It makes your lashes even longer and fuller than this pink bottle.
  • Decent mascara is incredibly expensive. This works very well and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.Stays on well, washes off easily with soap and water.
  • I have been using this mascara for 4 years. I still say hands down it is the best mascara out there !!!! This mascara adds volume and length to any lashes. Now with a great variety of options, its no surprise it is selling so well.
  • Cannot beat the price so I can throw one away every few months like you’re supposed to. Lashes look great- full and long without applying a lot- no flaking or messiness... My only choice for mascara.
  • I will never buy another mascara again. This does not smudge… and I’ve put it to the test repeatedly with several “red eye” flights. Upon landing in the morning, I still have mascara on with no smudges.
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  • CONVENIENT 3-PACK: Stock up on your favorite mascara in one click to reduce on packaging and minimize the effects of multiple shipments on the environment.
  • GET THE ROYAL TREATMENT: The essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara is the perfect go-to for long lasting, voluminous lashes! The elegant deep black color is ideal for any setting and lasts all day. Apply 1-2 coats for a stunning every day look or apply 3-4 for eye-popping nighttime lashes. Either way, you'll achieve stunning and long-lasting results with this fan favorite mascara!
  • PRESTIGE-INSPIRED COBRA BRUSH: The innovative shape of the cobra-head brush is designed for extra control to reach every lash. The unique wand applicator is specially shaped to lift, separate, and cover each individual lash for the most majestic volume.
  • CLAIMS: Vegan & Cruelty Free. Free from gluten, parabens, preservatives, fragrance & microplastic particles. Made in Italy.
  • CRUELTY FREE: essence cosmetics is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand. We do not test any of our products on animals.
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